Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Favorite Books for a 13 Month Old

Hello Dear Book Blogging Buddies!

I notice that so many of us have been off on hiatus for undetermined amounts of time, myself included. My computer is now tucked away in a far, distant corner of the house that I never seem to get too. Keeping up with the sheer number of blogs I had subscribed too was also overwhelming my Feedly (and phone!). My reading life also has come to a screeching halt thanks in part to two books that scared me (more on that later!)

So I will be slowly breaking the ice again, starting with this simple post highlighting my Baby Girl's recent faves. Baby Girl will be 14 months in a week, but already her love of books is shining through. She sits in her pile of books and flips through the pages non-stop and now as she learns to jabber, reads them aloud to herself while pointing at all the pictures. Baby Girl goes through phases where she will love one book the most, and then another, so here is a list of her recent faves!

Quack! Quack! published by Priddy Books
This is also one of my fave touchy feely books I've found. Far too often the feely spots are so tiny and thus not nearly enjoyable enough. We have a pretty old copy on our shelf, but the fur and feelies are still fresh and fluffy! I was excited to find similiar books on Amazon, including this puppy book since Baby Girl loves to sign 'puppy'.

I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rosetti-Shustak & illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church
I note the illustrator here because Baby Girl and I have loved several of Church's works, most of all this one as well. This book has adorable pictures, but the rhyme is also easy to engage baby with. For example, it reads 'I love your fingers and toes, ears and nose.' It is easy and fun to point to those body parts on your baby. Brings out a quick smile, and subtly teaches body parts and emotions. One page is a close up of the boy's face, which I will publicly admit Baby Girl loves to kiss :)

Puppy BOO! by Sarah Phillips 
As previously mentioned, puppies are Baby Girl's favorite animal. Combine them with a form of peek-a-boo, and you are made in the shade! The best part for me that she can't pull out the sliders herself yet, which means mommy daughter reading time!!

1, 2, 3 Count with Me from Sesame Workshop
Bright colors, a plethora of animals, and a big ole party at the end, this book easily capture's Baby Girl's attention. I enjoy this book because it teaches counting, animals names, and animal signs. Because of this book, Baby Girl learned to sign 'elephant' and 'puppy'!

Christmas in the Manger by Nola Buck
I will end with a seasonal fave....well...our only seasonal book so far! We bought this one to start of the collection, and luckily it has been a hit! Simple pictures and easy rhymes teach Baby Girl the reason for the season. This is also another book where she is beginning to learn some signs, for example it is helping her learn 'baby' and 'mommy'. She also gets a kick out of all mommy's attempted animal sounds :)

Before wishing you a fantastic Tuesday, check out these posts for older kids from two of my favorite bloggers The Deliberate Reader and Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!! 

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  1. Next time Baby Girl comes over bring some of these books too! :)