Rating System

I post preliminary reviews on my Goodreads and thus want to keep my rating system similar. Boring ole stars it is then :D

DNF= Did not finish. I may recommend people to avoid this book.
1*= Finished but not sure why. This book has more holes than words
2**= Major flaws, could use more work
3***= Mediocre package, larger holes/flaws. These are the books we often feel 'meh' about
4****= A great package with minor flaws
5*****= The complete package! I will recommend this book to everyone!!

Note: I frequently give half stars. This is when I think it's better than the lower number, yet not quite the higher number. 

How I decide to rate a book:
I don't want to share my complete decision process because it is lengthy and I may have possibly lifted it from several bloggers :) Basically, I rate several categories separately, for example characters and plot, and average their scores. Each category is also based on a scale of 1 - 5. My Goodreads reviews are rated almost immediately after finishing a book, and my blog reviews are more thought through. So far, both scores have always been similar. Initial thoughts rule! 

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