Fun Factoids

I'm Alyssa. I married my highschool sweetheart June 2009. We now have an adorable Baby Girl who just turned two. She is the light of my life.

  • adventures
  • being organized
  • books
  • cheerleading
  • dark chocolate
  • Doctor Who
  • Jesus
  • my family
  • my phone
  • peanut M&Ms
  • pink
  • sugary items of all kinds

I started blogging at Christian Sugar Addict in 2011, but it didn't feel like the right place to share my love of books and geekery. I ventured out on a limb starting Sunrise Avenue July 2013...and have never looked back! Because I want SA to feel like my ''book home'' I choose the name based upon my lovely, physical home. 

Books :) Sharing reviews is a huge portion of SA. I believe reviewing books helps spread the book love, author recognition, and is the true basis of what book blogging is all about. I am an eclectic reader and don't limit myself to one specific genre or age range. Here is a little of what you will find here:

But a favorite blogger of mine once said, "This is not a review blog, but a book lover's blog." Some of me, my life, and Doctor Who will seep through the cracks. My hope is Sunrise Avenue will be a welcoming place for like minded book lovers to chat, recommend, and fall in love with all sorts of books. 

Welcome to Sunrise Avenue!!


  1. So I was looking at my referrals today because I like to keep track of who sends me love (because I always like to return the favor!) and was surprised to find one from here! I thought maybe you had a blogroll listed, but no. Then I read through your entire About Me page and "Ah ha!" There I am! haha. I love that you share the same mentality as I do. Book reviews are great, but there's always so much more to a life! I look forward to seeing what bits of it you decide to share with us :)

    PS. Your daughter is beautiful! I love that little jacket with the ears on it. Too cute!

  2. Sorry I hid it from you :)Thanks for letting me quote you! This place is new but I am hoping to make it a comfortable home.
    Baby Girl is the other thing beside books that I am obsessed with <3