Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life as a Blogger v. 2

This is a link up with Novel Heartbeat

This week's topic is: Plans for the Future!

Oh man. I am not sure I have much plans for the future! My Hubby and I just tried to talk about this but we didn't come up with many answers. 

We both would love to travel, and internationally. Especially ITALY

We are pretty undecided on any more children...though these days full of whining and tantrums, I am leaning towards a firm NO.

My immediate future plans include a trip to sunny, and deliciously warm, Arizona! My best friend is getting married. So right now my life is full of plans, lists, and a giant dash of anxiety and worry. This will be Baby Girl's first time on an airplane, and seeing as she can't sit still for longer than 10 minutes without PBS kids on the's bound to be a disaster. Tangent.

And right now any and all summer plans include just being OUTSIDE and being WARM. Going for walks with Baby Girl and possibly....dun dun dun...a puppy!!!

And on that adorable note I will leave you :)) Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, puppies! I love them, and wish I would have thought to include getting a puppy in my future plans. Traveling would be amazing, especially going to places like Italy. So beautiful.

  2. Puppies are always a great idea. So's traveling ;D I also have those two in my plans once I'm able to support myself.

  3. Aw, they're all so cute :D
    Good luck on deciding whether or not to get a puppy! Personally, I hope to visit Italy, too. Maybe when I become rich and famous I'll get a summer home there ;D (haha)
    But if that doesn't happen, take lots of pictures for me. Especially of Venice.

  4. Ooohh, travel! Yay :D
    I've been contemplating (another) puppy here lately, but then I remember back to Z's puppy stage and...*cringes* Yeah, not sure I have the time or patience for that haha!

  5. Puppies. Always think puppies. :D

  6. Italy has to be on the list for places people most wish to visit! It sounds so spectacular~

  7. Lol will do! And after wandering into a puppy store at the mall....yeah...the puppy might be happening...

  8. Lol! I know, that is what everyone says! But we tried to adopt a black lab last year who was already a year old and we just struggled trying to get her to trust us and like us. We just want to start fresh with a puppy we can train ourselves!