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Made to Crave

Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food
Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst
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Goodreads Summary:
In this six-session small group Bible study DVD, Made to Crave, New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst helps women understand how cravings for lasting spiritual satisfaction are often mistaken for cravings for food. According to Lysa, craving isn't a bad thing. But the challenge is to realize God created us to crave so we'd ultimately desire more of Him in our lives, not more food. Many of us have misplaced that craving, overindulging in physical pleasures instead of lasting spiritual satisfaction. If you or someone you know is struggling with unhealthy eating habits, Made to Crave will help: * Break the 'I'll start again Monday cycle' and start feeling good about yourself today * Stop beating yourself up over the numbers on the scale and make peace with the body you've been given * Discover how weight loss struggles aren't a curse but, rather, a blessing in the making * Replace justifications that lead to diet failure with empowering go-to scripts that lead to victory * Eat healthy without feeling deprived * Reach a healthy weight goal while growing closer to God through the process This Made to Crave DVD is designed for use with the Made to Crave Participant Guide (sold separately). When used in together, they provide you with practical tools that can strengthen your faith. Made to Crave session titles include: 1: From Deprivation to Empowerment 2: From Desperation to Determination 3: From Guilt to Peace 4: From Triggers to Truth 5: From Permissible to Beneficial 6: From Consumed to Courageous Bonus Session: Moving the Mountain
I received a copy from my mom! :D  However, the Kindle price on Amazon are $4.66 today! (1/17/14)

My Thoughts:
Made to Crave is a best-selling 'non' diet book. Frankly, it is quite easy to see how millions enjoyed it. Lysa TerKeurst writes in a raw, down-to-earth, honest way that is easy to relate too. And she is normal, for, as she states often, she doesn't crave carrot sticks like the rock hard super trainers you usually see writing diet books. Yes, seeing trainers like that can be inspiring, but far too often it just puts too much pressure that can easily lead to burnout and failure.

However Made to Crave isn't much of  a diet book at all. As Lysa demonstrates, diets rarely work over the long haul. Why? Because we diet for the wrong reasons! Simply wanting to lose weight and look good won't stand when facing a giant chocolate cake square in the face. Rather, we should evaluate more than our 'how-tos' but also our 'want-tos'.

This is a Christian book so we tackle some big issues. Unknowingly, we can turn to food as an idol. TerKeurst reminds us that in times of stress, sadness, anger, happiness, we should always turn to GOD first, not food. And while examining my own life, I realized this is very true. I frequently eat at night out of boredom or turn to chocolate when I am angry. Each chapter brought to life another excuse or issue we can make out of food. I could instantly see how I used each one every day.

You must use caution when reading this book. For those who aren't Christians, they may not understand the true importance or reasonings behind TerKeurst's words. Using our bodies to glorify God is something a non-Christian will struggle with. And Christian or not, you have to have wisdom to see the fine line TerKeurst walks between restricting her diet for the good of her body and her spiritual walk and the other side, legalism. TerKeurst isn't adding more rules or telling you what you can or cannot eat, she very clearly states what she is doing is for her body and her personal problems with food. After reading through a few reviews, some people seem to have missed this difference. I however found it quite obvious, but feel like I should put this disclaimer here anyways.

Other than this small hiccup, Made to Crave has a lot going for it. We work through our perspective on food and weight with an author who knows and understands our struggle. At the end of each chapter are personal reflection questions that helps to internalize the information and decide what to do with it. TerKeurst does talk in theory and experience but provides the practical in 'go-to scripts' when we hit tough moments and Bible verses to memorize.

I am rating this book 4.5 stars and could easily recommend it to anyone who is struggling with weight loss who may know all the how-tos but needs help with their want-tos. It certainly changed my view on food and how I eat in a way that I know will be more long lasting than any diet plan out there.

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