Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Books that I Wish Were Made into TV Series

Time for Top Ten Tuesday again!! This week we get to list our ten books that we wish were made into tv or movies. This list gets the contingency that we live in a perfect world and the book would have no chance of getting mangled by Hollywood!!

The Exemeus--This would make for an exciting movie. See my review on this great book Here

Innocence-- This thrilling book about parkour and secret organizations would make for a good movie OR intriguing TV series. I vote TV so I could experience the sexual tension between Adam and Rachel on a weekly basis. See my review for this great Indie book Here

Anna and the French Kiss-- just so I can see St. Clair. Now. Does this need more of an explanation?? 

The World of Shannara-- Not sure how they would do this. Lengthy movie or epically long TV series?? Terry Brooks writes with such detail and beauty I would just love to see it on the screen. 

Harry Potter-- Yes. I did say Harry Potter. I would think it the best thing ever if they made a TV series about the world of Harry Potter. Follow some new wizards through their years at Hogwarts?? Anybody? Tell me I am not the only one who would be glued to my TV!!

Redeeming Love -- This book is simply the best. Based of the Bible book Hosea, Michael feels led by God to marry a prostitute, Angel. As she repeatedly runs away from him, he continually accepts her back and keeps her safe with unconditional love. This book would be the romance movie of the YEAR!

Don't Turn Around-- This book and it's sequel would be GREAT Bourne-esque movies. Except...creepier. And not a lot of shooting...Okay. Nothing like Bourne. The thrills and chills would still get me to pay to see it in theaters!! 

Jellicoe Road-- I think I need to give this book another read. I started off confused, and never stopped. Everyone raves about it, and I did think it was good, but not fantastic. I think I missed out on something. If they made this into a movie, I could save myself the reading time!!

The Boyfriend App-- Okay. If anyone follows my goodreads they will see I gave this one 2 stars. So why add it here? Unfortunately because of the short, precise way it was written, the book is already great fodder for movie scripting. The only way this book would make any sense as a movie is if they filmed it "Mean Girls" style. Then it would be funny, and I would be watching it on my couch!

Lastly, I would really love to see a good historical romance film. Maybe it is just my current mood, but I am in the mood to see some fancy dress, English accents, and good ole fashioned romance on my movie screens! Here is one I would pay to see: At Every Turn. It's not English, :(( , but it would be intriguing as it includes car races and a sneaky romance.

Wow. I surprise myself with how much harder it is to find good TV material than I thought. Somehow, most of the books I have read and would turn into movies: are already movies!! City of Bones...Princess Bride...Stardust...Lightning Thief...Princess Diaries...

How about you? Which books would you love to see on a weekly basis? Would you pay money to go see on the big screen?? Leave your TTT links below! 


  1. I have told so many people that when they reboot Harry Potter they need to do it HBO style. Big budget, one season is one book..I would love that. Also I totally agree with your Boyfriend App comment! It would be totally awesome with all that humor.

  2. Hello fellow Whovian! I second Anna and the French Kiss. It was going to be on my list, but I've included it on almost every single one of my Top Tens, so I thought I would branch out.

    Thanks for stopping by The Gnoming Librarian!

  3. Anna and the French Kiss was on my list too. I kept trying to think of who should play St. Clair, but I couldn't come up with anyone. For some reason, the only person I could think of was Harry Styles (obviously no an actor, but still...) Great list and thanks for stopping by! ~Pam

  4. Harry Potter TV series would be awesome! Great list!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting! :)

  5. I am surprised Rowling hasn't branched out to that yet. Millions of people would watch it!!

  6. lol! It IS a really awesome book! Ready for November 23rd, Whovian??

  7. I don't know who I would pick for St. Clair either. I put a lot of faith in the 'perfect world' clause this week!

  8. Of course! And thanks for visiting back!