Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dream Reading Spot

Ah! So glad to be joining Bookish Musings for her Behind the Blog linkup! I missed it last week in favor of my Top 6 Books list. This week we are discussing our Dream Reading Spots. 

Honestly?? I wouldn't need a fancy location. Somewhere like the Eiffel Tower or Venice would be fantastic, but probably a major distraction. All I need is somewhere comfy cozy to sit/lay and quiet! I pulled some pictures from my Pinterest boards to give you a visual of my dream reading spot:

BOOKS!! This is my future Library

Lazy Couch...Perfect for a family room!

add a chair in here...


Out of doors:
plus view

glass of wine in hand..

i could live there.

Curl-Up Swing, Green Lake, Wisconsin. ---This would be a dream

Reading outside

Refreshes my soul......and now I need to go read!! 

Tell me! What is your dream reading spot? Tropical island lounge chair? Deck chair on a still lake??

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  1. amazing spots!!! Can I transport myself to all of these places?? :)