Monday, September 9, 2013

E-book or Hardcopy

A new week! Hopefully one where I am less Forgive me if I am slow on commenting or visiting your blogs in return. I hardly visited any TTT posts last week AND I posted my Dream Reading Spots but forgot to link it up!! :// This week Bookish Musings is on hiatus, but I still wanted to discuss this topic: E-book or hard copy??

What a topic! And it has become a huge point of dissention among readers lately. Here is my question: Why does it have to be one or the other??

A good day
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I think hard copy will ALWAYS be in the heart of the reader. The covers. Oh the covers. Ebooks don't have the COVERS. Also, the pages. Being able to flip those pages bring such satisfaction. The way the ink words spill across the pages so cozy and hold such delicious new page smells. Real life pages are so much easier for flipping back and forth when you lose track of the story or want to find a quote. Hardcopy books tell such stories in and of themselves. Bent pages, underlined sentences, highlighted words tell me what the reader was thinking and experiencing; a story of the reader reading the story. 

But EBOOKS! Talk about the epitome of convenience. If I can't find the book at the library and don't want to drop almost $20 to buy it at the bookstore: Amazon. I can get that book the day it comes out and not have to wait eons for the library to pick it up. Or the waiting lists. I once requested a book, and didn't get it for five months, which at that time I forgot I had requested it! Ebooks are sooo my first pick when it comes to a situation like this. Being able to have several books on my person at all times, is just. the. best. While feeding and rocking Baby Girl to bed, I can read one handed quietly. Ebooks also make ARCS a lot more accessible to the common reader/reviewer like me! 

So my answer: Always both. I always have one hard copy book and one ebook going at the same time. 

So tell me: Do you prefer hard copy, ebook, or both??


  1. I see the benefits of both, but my eyes definitely prefer a hard copy! If I can find an e-reader that is kinder to my peepers, then maybe I can be convinced to head over to the dark side! :)

  2. My Kindle is great because its not back lit, so easy on my eyes!