Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Partners Who Don't Read

I liked the discussion Young Adult Book Haven started on her blog a few weeks back. 

How does it happen? How do us book lovers fall into relationships with *gasp* non-readers? It seems to happen frequently! What are we thinking?! We weren't. And now we are in relationships where we have to fight for reading time, justify book purchases, and share book storing space.

Here are some ideas for keeping it together:

1. Establish book store dates early on.
Your significant other (SO) may not read, but sitting in a quiet cafe drinking coffee appeals to many. Have him bring work, bring his laptop, or if you are lucky like me: bring him a stack of cookbooks! 
Pro Tip: Start with some boring, girly talk and he will be glad to let you start reading, if only for the silence. ;)
2. Limit Your Bookshelves.
Ugh. I know. But relationships thrive on negotiation. For example, I'm limited to 2 tall shelves in our living room. My most favorite, pretty books go out there. Anything else I have to store. I haven't hit my storage limit...yet. But limiting yourself is good cause for book purging! Giveaway books on your blog, to friends and family, to your local library or school, or best yet: me!
Pro Tip: Double stack those books on the bookshelf! Only have two shelves like me? Keep 'em two rows deep. Don't forget the top of the bookshelves, those totally count. 
3. Only buy the Best.
I only like to buy books I loved and will *attempt* to read again. That's just me. I know plenty of you buy crappy books because of cover fetishes, but I urge you to adopt this policy: Buy the Best! Once you've limited your storage space, you can't afford to buy or keep less-than-great books. Use libraries and book stores to read/preview for free, and then decide to buy. Or, even more shocking for some of you, use your e-reader more frequently. Your SO can't limit, or as easily track, how many books you keep on your e-reader!

4. Establish a support group: STAT!
Whether it is online blogger friends or real life book worms, find a bookish friend or two with whom you can talk all things BOOK. Don't delay! The sooner you find this friend the better it is for your relationship with your SO.
Pro Tip: Your bookish friend would be pretty awesome if you shared similiar bookish tastes, but it is even more fun when you find someone who has different tastes as well. This really broadens your horizons and helps you find more interesting books!

I write this list for myself as well, and so speak from experience. But I could always use more tips! Do you have any ideas to share?? See you in the comments below!!


  1. My hubby to be wasn't really a reader anymore when we first got together. He would always get annoyed when I was reading since he wanted to do other things. Slowly I've introduced him to some good books and have convinced him to read before bed. I still have to limit my purchases/space, but now I can buy books that I know he'd like and get away with it! lol

  2. Oh man! How did you get him to read before bed?!