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Restless: Because You Were Made for More
Restless: Because You Were Made for More by Jennie Allen
Publication Date: January 7, 2014
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Goodreads Summary: 
Do You Feel Like You're Missing Something? What if this feeling wasn't a bad thing? It could be a longing for more of God and a catalyst to living the life that was designed before the foundations of the earth were laid.

A lot of us, if we're honest, are afraid. We hold our dreams close to our chest. But our passions have a purpose--they were engineered for God's greater plan and he intends for us to use them for his glory and purposes.

In "Restless," Bible teacher and fellow struggler Jennie Allen explores practical ways to identify the threads of your life and how to intentionally weave them together. She explains how your gifts, passions, places, and relationships aren't random; they're deliberate and meaningful. And your suffering--it's possible it has produced the very thing you want to give back to the world.

Using the story of Joseph, the dreamer, Jennie explains how his suffering, gifts, relationships--all of the threads of his life--fit into the greater story of God and how our stories can do the same. What would happen if God got bigger than your fear and insecurity, and you spent the rest of your life running without reservation after his purposes for you? You were created for more
I recieved this book from BookLook Bloggers (formerly Booksneeze) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Buy this book in paperback from Amazon $12.33 today (3/11/14).

My Thoughts:
My heart.is.wrecked. I am not completely sure what I expected when I requested "Restless", but I should have been thinking harder. I've read and reviewed Allen's previous book "Anything" and it was wonderful. I knew Allen has a heart for God that she shares wholly and completely with her readers......So I should have understood that this was going to happen again in "Restless", but instead I was completely blown away. I will attempt to keep this review short.

I am one of those people who struggle with knowing my purpose in life; I've held myself back from dreaming dreams because too often it is scary and painful. So I have read several God-purpose-dreams books, which is what "Restless" is, but it is also so different. Allen has such a knack for reaching through the pages and grabbing your face so that you can't, and don't want to, let your attention wander. And she shares honestly how she has walked through the same problems and feelings that we have. Okay, so let me move on from my raving...

In short, what Allen does is gives the reader permission to dream again, and then hands them the tools to get started. And as you will read in the book, God is a huge part of that. God was written over all the words and tools in this book and ,if you actually want to do the work, He is so, so willing to help out. After walking us through some healing words to helps us think about dreaming again, Allen jumps into the practical, or what she calls the Threads. Threads is what she refers to as the materials we have been given in life. Allen follows this given formula:
God's Story + my threads + the need + the Holy Spirit = my purpose
Allen then walks us through our threads one by one, our passions, gifts, and even our sufferings. Once we start writing them out, we can start seeing how they all connect. What has God been giving us, what has He been preparing us for?? All of these threads connect to give us a glimpse of our dream and purpose here on earth. One of the great features of buying "Restless" in paperback will be the journal pages that are included in the book that help you with your threads.
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I highly encourage you give this book a shot, even if you think life is going great and everything is okay. It is always a good idea to stop and check in with God to see where He wants to take you next. "Restless" is the perfect tool to help you do that. I rate this book with 5 HUGE Stars and really do recommend it to everyone. I'm even trying to push it on my Hubby, which kinda says a lot. And I made sure to add it to my Lifechanger bookshelf on Goodreads, a high honor!

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