Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reading Reviews

Time to get a bit more serious friends...

I've seen a lot around the blogosphere lately about readers deciding not to write reviews or read reviews posted by others. I think I can honestly say that this makes me very, very sad. 

First, to openly admit skipping over reviews can be kind of mean to bloggers who do spend  a lot of time on their reviews. Someone can put a lot of time and thought into something, and then bravely share it with the world....only to have everyone skip over it?? Of course I will admit that I don't read every review I come across and wouldn't expect anyone else to either. But I do take the time to read through reviews of books that interest me. I have found some great books to add to my TBR pile this way! 

Many people say they don't read reviews of books they want to read/plan on reading because they are worried about spoilers. I don't worry about spoilers because I have rarely, if ever, come across a blogger who doesn't clearly announce a spoiler if they even mention one at all! 
Pro Tip: Only read reviews from bloggers you already know and trust when it comes to these 'important' books! 
I have read bad reviews about books I am excited to read and haven't let that sway my opinion. Maybe I sound a little 'uppity' and I sincerely apologize, but if I want to read a book, I am going to read it anyhow. Despite a bad review here or there. Case in point: just today I read a review on a book I hadn't even heard of. The blogger gave it a bad review, however, the synopsis just sounds so intriguing I'm adding it to my TBR list anyways!
Pro Tip: Remember that someone's opinion is just that, an opinion! Don't be afraid to formulate your own opinions and ideas.
I'll also honestly admit that I am a horrible commenter, but am working on this skill so that writers may know that their reviews have been read and appreciated.

Second, and maybe I value tradition more than others, but I feel like reviews are what book blogging has been based on. Reading books and sharing thoughts about them is what can make this community feel like one big, cozy book club! Plus, without reviews we don't get the delicious wonders of Goodreads and Netgalley :D But it is true, reviews are such an integral part of the book blogging world. Authors and publishers rely on us to get the word out about their works. Reading reviews reveals a person's tastes and thus helps me connect (or not) to them more.

Don't misunderstand me either: some people have a knack for bookish thoughts and that is where they want to spend their time. But I implore: Don't give up reviewing completely!! It does great things for the bookish world!

Next week I will share some thoughts on what I personally like and don't like in a review, so stay tuned! 

What do you think? Am I on the mark or off my rocker?? Am I the only one who still appreciates book reviews anymore? Do you love to share reviews? Leave me your thoughts below and I will meet you in the comments! 


  1. I enjoyed reading this post - I totally agree with you! I know that not all reviews will appeal to blog visitors, but if I read a book I do feel like I should review it because I like sharing my thoughts on what I read. And it's nice to look back on a book I read awhile ago and remember what I thought about it. So maybe reviews are more for me than for the reader. :)

    But it is sad when book bloggers say they aren't as interested in reviews!

  2. Thanks Charlene! I have noticed that you still write reviews, and to that I say: thank you! :)

  3. I couldn't agree with you more Alyssa! I don't read every review I come across, sometimes I'll read it if it's form a blogger I like and trust, or sometimes it'll interest me, but to me, reviews, or in some way sharing your thoughts on a book are very important. I created my blog to put my reviews somewhere other than Goodreads, and I've done that, and sometimes I will do a few too many memes in one week, and other weeks I'll do four reviews, it really just depends, but sharing your opinion and thoughts on a book, whether it be a few sentences, a few paragraphs or an essay, it matters, and you've highlighted that right here!

  4. Thanks Amanda! It's nice to know there are other bloggers out there as well who still appreciate reviews :) I love that it sounds like you have a laid back approach to your blog; it sounds great!

  5. It's always seemed weird to me that people are SO worried about spoilers in review, because like you said, every time I've seen a spoiler, it's been forewarned. Maybe they are out there in those reviews I haven't read or maybe there was some big spoilery review scandal before I started blogging. The possibility of spoilers does cross my mind, but I think it's more because everybody else seems to be worried about them.

    I tend to read reviews of books I've heard of and am curious about or books I've already read. I'll see a book for the first time on someone's WoW post and then a few weeks later I'll start seeing reviews. If it interested me at all when I saw the WoW post, I'll at least check into the reviews.

  6. Don't worry, I'm still very much a lover of reviews! I skip a lot that don't catch my eye, but I also completely rely on them to find new books and love writing them ;-). I think that the bloggers not as interested in reviews might actually be a minority, but they are a vocal minority that stands out because this discussion is happening right now. They are obviously welcome to post and read whatever posts they want, but based on my stats for review days I'm thinking there are a lot of lurking readers that do read reviews and just don't comment as much.

  7. Personally I think another reason a lot of bloggers are admitting to nor reading reviews, in addition to the ones you state, is that many of them are really interested in hitting as many other blogs per day to encourage commenting back instead of actual real bookish interaction. I for one see so much of that, its really discouraging. I like the circle of readers and blogs that I interact with and I adore their content. It's nice branching out and finding new bloggers to follow but some are making that be the only reason they are commenting is to get people to visit them rather than really caring about the content that other person has.

    I agree with you heck negative reviews won't stop me from reading a book I'm already interested in - some of them prompt me to read a book I wouldn't have otherwise because the things they say are things that I think I would personally like!! Fancy that right!? It totally weighs in on your opinion comment we have such vastly differing opinions and that what makes the community fun. I love seeing a review from a blogger on a book I read and seeing just how different their opinion is.

    Excellent sharing dear - can't wait to see more !

  8. I don't participate in WoW but I do check out other bloggers when they post. I always seem to find some great books that way!

  9. You raise a very good point. Certain discussion topics do seem to float around the blogosphere at the same time. I am happy to see a lot of agreement here, and still plenty of reviews around the Web!

  10. I completely agree. Of course we all enjoy followers...but do we want followers, or friends?? I, personally, would like friends! I try to comment and write with this end in mind. I could probably still use some more work, but at least I feel like I am heading in the right direction!