Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ARC April

Hello Friends!

Glad to have you here! I am officially announcing that I am planning on participating in ARC April with Octavia form Read Sleep Repeat
arc april
I'm want to participate in this 'challenge' because I want to improve my NetGalley ratio! I only have a few that I really need to get done, so I will just list those five here:

I will read and review each on during the month of April! I am already hoping to get Word Exchange up by next week! If I finish these books I will add more here on this post!! 

Good Luck and have fun reading everyone!

I've finished Word Exchange and my review was posted HERE
I finished Northwood. Find the review HERE

End of April Update:
Hi all! 
Well I did it! I read each of those books and have almost all the reviews up on the blog :) What a success! Check out the two links above for reviews. Three more are here:
Second Star
One Perfect Spring 
One Realm Beyond

I also finished two other Netgalley books. Find those reviews here:
The Promise Box
Beyond the Pasta: Quick Review

Final Note:
I did finish reading and drafting a review for ''While Love Stirs'' but it is apart of a blog tour for the end of May.

What a successful month for me! I've got a big smile on my face :) I'm glad I am able to share this success with you all. Participating in ARC April was just the challenge I need. I might have to give myself a personal challenge for the month of May. Keep your eyes peeled for that post. 


  1. Good luck! I'm sitting this one out, but I had lots of fun with ARC August.

  2. Great way to get through your ARCs!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. Nice picks! I've been hearing a lot about Second Star so I hope you enjoy it! And thanks a bunch for signing up! :)