Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pet Glees

A while back Alice from the YA Buzz decided to share her 'pet glees' instead of the standard blogging pet peeves. I absolutely loved the idea and need to share my own :) There is always a need to spread positivity!

Top Eight Pet Glees of Book Blogging

1. Finding new books to love through other bloggers. Before book blogging, I wandered aimlessly around the aisles of bookstores and libraries, never knowing what to read next or what to spend my time on. As a book blogger, I am now constantly surrounded by a constant flow of excellent books. My TBR list may be excruciatingly long, but at least I no longer experience 'book limbo'! 

2. Weekly Recaps. Love these. Why don't I do one?? Because I am lame and usually have to schedule my posts several days out :/ The ladies at Oh the Books! share the best weekly recap I have come across. I only have time to comment on a few blogs throughout the week. But once Sunday hits, I know I will have the best blog posts right in front of me to enjoy at my leisure. I love when bloggers also include bits of their personal life so I can feel like I can get to know them. 

3. Supporting Authors! I have been on a few launch teams, and they are the best! I love being given the chance to support an author by spreading the word about their awesome-ness. They are always so kind, helpful, approachable, and I often feel like we are insta-friends 

4. Online Events (readathons, BEA, Tea Time). I had great fun doing a few readathons last year, but have been hard pressed to find many this summer :( Armchair BEA is of course phenomenal. Getting together with other book bloggers with a common goal (talk awesome books!) is so much fun! There should be one every month!

5. ARCs. Let's face it: ARCs are awesome. Being able to read a book before it hits the shelves? The opportunity to spread the word and motivate others to try it out? Yeah, sign me up.

6. The determination to read, read, read! I love that we have the best common ground. I may not know you, and you may not know me, but we both love to read. We can instantly form connections, community, and friendships.

7. The creativity of the bookish community. Ugh, constantly blowing me away. Ever since I had Baby Girl (almost two years ago!!) and experiencing the postpartum brain fog....well, I feel like I have never fully recovered. Spending time hopping around is inspiring and gets the juices flowing!

8. Comment conversations. Getting comments on your post is one of the best feelings. I love when bloggers comment back, it shows they can make time and care for those who spend time at their place. 

Let the positivity flow and share your pet glees below!! 


  1. Oh the Books is the best! I just realized last night how many books I have on my physical and electronic to read list...and I need to go lock myself in a cave now to read.....

  2. Exactly! There is always another awesome book to read out there!

  3. You just reminded me I need to get my Bout of Books list together. I really love book community events myself to. I love ARCs too, though I tend to read more comics that way rather then books! Great list.