Friday, September 11, 2015

10 Movies That Made Me Cry

I am not really a big movie watcher. I used to really enjoy it, but my husband doesn't. Now I just find them time consuming and too involved when I would rather be reading :) So my list isn't extensive, but I think it contains some goodies.

P.S I Love You
A movie where the husband dies but leaves behind a series of letters for his wife....of course tears are involved! The Irish accents are a major bonus

The Notebook
This is one movie where I can firmly declare that the movie is better than the book. THAT ENDING IS SO SWEET!! Although if you read the book, the ending leaves it open for the most romantic book ever: The Wedding

Tristan and Isolde
 I sobbed so hard at this movie I can't even watch it again. I swore it off forever! A forbidden love sworn off for the sake of loyalty ends tragically. Better than the overdone Romeo and Juliet.

One of my least favorite Disney movies, because C'MON! How tragic for a kid's movie?! I was too young to handle that...

Moulin Rouge
Ewan McGregor can sing?! Yes, it is a bit over the top (due to director Baz Luhrmann), but it does have a touching love story. Forbidden love, courtesans, jealous dukes, attempted murder and THE BEST tango to grace the screen. 

A Walk to Remember
A geeky girl is paired up with the hunky high school star for a school play. Although he promises not to fall in love with her, Landon does just that....only to discover that Jamie is terminally ill. This movie reminded me a lot of any book written by Lurlene McDaniel.

Tell me this didn't make you cry. Might as well fast forward through half the movie. I love the simple, happy life Carl and Ellie lived. Being them wouldn't be half bad <3

A passionate, newfound love is destroyed by the mistake of a confused preteen. The ending has quite the shocking twist. 

Honestly the only movie I really enjoyed Sarah Sarandon in. And only 1 of 3 movies on my list that doesn't involve a romance. The 'new' mom (Julia Roberts) is trying to earn the good graces of her husband's children and ex-wife. It is touching, honest, and contains a few good laughs. 

Toy Story 3 
What do I need to say?? If you don't cry during this one: you have no soul.

There you have it 10 movies to watch if you need a good cry. Just don't forget the tub of ice cream. 
What are your favorite cry worthy movies??

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