Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby Gender Announcement!

I announced this on Facebook the day we found out, but the rest of social media doesn't really know. And let's face it, I'm so excited EVERYONE should know :) Baby Girl on the other hand....

Shortly after the second picture, I got another one of her pouting. Baby Girl was really hoping for a baby sister (I think Frozen is partly to blame). But I can't totally blame her, I was hoping for another daughter as well. Luckily, Baby Girl's 'threenager' attitude lately is convincing me that a boy is just what I may need. 

Pregnancy is progressing well. I'm about 23 weeks along and things are getting real. My belly is growing and bending over is quickly becoming an issue. Thank goodness for the colder weather--shaving my legs is too much work :D

I think I am finally experiencing some cravings: Honeycrisp apples! Oh good....*drools* And getting the house ready for baby #2 has been an interesting challenge. I've been sorting TONS of Baby Girl's stuff because apparently her toys and clothes have taken over all the free space in our house. There's no room for a boy! But Goodwill better watch out cuz I am coming for them! 

Otherwise the pregnancy just is. It's not all consuming like the first time around. Hubby and I still haven't decided on a name; Hubby can be so picky! 

Thanks friends for stopping by! <3 <3

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