Monday, September 21, 2015

Truest Book Release Party

Well. This is past due. But I still want to share about the Truest Book Launch party that I got to attend. Jackie Lea Sommers' awesome, amazing book 'Truest' officially hit the shelves September 1st. Having received a delicious ARC, I convinced the Hubby to go with me to Northwestern University St Paul to check out the launch party.

Jackie was at the door to greet everyone as they came in. She is SUCH a gracious, funny person. They also had a table set up with some graphic t-shirts that Silas had worn in the book. These were available for a giveaway. Even better? An annotated copy of the book was in the giveaway drawing! I would have died to get my hands on that sucker!

The room filled up so fast her brother and a few friends had to find more chairs! I sat in the back because I had Baby Girl with us and didn't want to be too disruptive. This picture is like a miracle because Baby Girl rarely ever takes naps and NEVER in a public place!

Jackie spoke a bit about 'Truest' and the process behind the book. Then she read through a few excerpts. Again, it was interesting to hear a few thoughts behind each section, how they came into being or why Jackie thought they were significant to the story. I was glad she read the excerpt where Silas is sharing some of his poetry with West. Jackie shared with us that Truest was just a working title and was never meant to be the official title, but everyone liked it so much she had to work in this section for the title to make sense. The poem is actually a mish mash of things Jackie herself had written over the years. See? You always learn fun facts at author parties :)

Lastly, Jackie answered a few questions and did an author signing. Hubby was with me so I couldn't convince him to let me buy a FC of the book :/ So I asked Jackie to sign my ARC.

It was a good, informative time. Jackie is a natural talking to large crowds! And jeepers, if you haven't yet, check out TRUEST!!

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