Sunday, May 4, 2014

May ARC Challenge

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by today. I had such success with my ARCApril Challenge that I wanted to challenge myself again in May. I have about FOUR books I need to review in the first week of June alone. Keeping myself accountable here on the blog seems to be the trick for me. So here I am sharing my...
Two of my books are for tours, but the rest are from Netgalley. I want to keep challenging myself to improve my Netgalley ratio. I am at about 50% right now. Here are the books I'd like to read in May:

Fury (The Cure #1)
Selah: Studying God's Songbook

I am so excited for a lot of these!! And I think it is a good mix of fiction and non-fiction. Three other books that I need to address in the month of May:
The Nesting Place--an eARC from Booklook. Look for this review next week!
While Love Stirs--a blog tour with Revell for later this month
Love Idol--a book I am currently reading and loving. I received it from Tyndale Publishers

Continue to check back here for all my updates and links to reviews.

-The Nesting Place Review is HERE
-My Love Idol Review is HERE
-I completed and finally got around to reviewing my Doctor Who novel. Find it HERE
-Hope Runs Review can be found HERE
-The While Love Stirs tour with Revell went live May 22 
-Finding Spiritual Whitespace review can be found HERE
-Doctor Who review is up and posted HERE

-Fury is read and the post is waiting for the blog tour JUNE 9th!!
-The Book of Not so Common Prayer is finished and will be reviewed in JUNE

I didn't get to The Kissing Bridge at all, but hope to start reading it in the next week or so. I started Selah: Studying God's Songbook, but it is not like what I expected. It isn't just a book, but a workbook. So it is taking me a bit longer than expected. I am not sure when I will get around to completing this one. 

Have any challenges you are participating in for the month of May? Consider joining me on my May ARC challenge! Leave a comment below telling me what you are hoping to accomplish this month :))


  1. I really should do an ARC Clean-up because I keep putting them to the back burner!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. Time to get some of them read! I find challenging myself publicly like this makes me more motivated to get some done!

  3. Have you read Finding Spiritual White space yet? I actually just ordered it and am excited to dig into it!

  4. Oh yes! It was FANTASTIC!! I am putting up my review on June 4th, but already posted a review on Goodreads :))