Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 Usborne Titles I Can't Wait to Get My Hands On

It was extremely hard to limit myself to just ten books. So I've shared 11 :) But, in my defense, I already have two of the books I just needed to share. Thank goodness I know the book community understands my need to squeal over these cute books and won't frown on my desire to own them all!

Picture of 365 Science Activities
-A Winter 2014 mid-season title that I still haven't gotten for myself yet. Why not?! This book is awesome! Full of fun, easy activities to do with kiddos...or just for yourself :)

Picture of Big Dressing Up Sticker Book
Oh wait...I already bought this one :) I'm going to have great fun with Baby Girl as we work on our dexterity and imagination together! 

Picture of Children's Cupcake Kit
Uh, isn't it obvious?? Comes with a recipe book, cupcake wrappers, and toppers! ADORABLE!!

Picture of Dollhouse Sticker Book Country House
Okay, it would be a long time until Baby Girl could use this one. It is for older kids, probably 6 years and older. But ... I've been missing Downton Abbey and this would quench that thirst :)

Picture of Gardening for Beginners - IL
This one hasn't officially hit the Internet shelves yet, but I am actually wildly excited for it. I have a notorious black thumb. My hubby has tried a few herbs with mild success. This would do both of us good! 

Picture of Illustrated Bible Stories
Awww, that cover is SO cute! I haven't seen this one yet, so I can't confirm if it really needs to be for children 8+ as the website claims. But Baby Girl needs to grow up with this one.

Picture of Jessica's Box
This is an adorable story about a little girl who is so shy that she invents a way to make herself interesting. Slowly she learns, she only needs herself.

Picture of Magic Painting Book
Another one that isn't technically out yet. But...can I buy several copies??

Picture of Little Children's Rainy Day Activity Book
Or in Minnesota, the Snowy Day activity book. 

Picture of Very First Book of Things to Spot
Okay, another one that I already have :) But Baby Girl LOVES it. It is great for facilitating conversations, learning new words, counting, and the illustrations are adorable.

Picture of Step-by-Step Drawing Animals
I admit, this one is totally just for me. I bought 'Step-by-Step Drawing People' last summer as I was running out of ideas of things to draw on the driveway with Baby Girl. I need to complete the collection, right??

Earning free and discounted titles is easy, contact me to get started :) Which of these titles would you love to get your hands on?

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