Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In Which I Feel the Need to Share My Guilty Pleasures.

I never thought I had 'guilty pleasures', those things you secretly enjoy but other people would scoff at. Any time someone would ask I would just say 'Vampire Diaries' because:
OMG I love these guys!!! Damon and Steffin  DAMON IS PERFECT!!!!! Ps: he's the one on the left
Image from Pinterest. 
Sorry Husband. 

But I realized tonight that I do have a *few* others. I blame it on not wanting to grow up. Ever. This is my space for a running list:

Picture of Wildflowers to Color
But even better:

2. Disney Princess Coloring Books
Crayola Color Wonder Disney Princess Cinderella  Markers and Paper
Why yes, my daughter, does have this.

3. White Merlot
We call it 'Girl Wine' or 'GW'. It is basically delicious juice

4. Lego Video Games
Image result for lego batman xbox 360
Batman started it all. It was the only video game I would let Hubby play in front of Baby Girl. Somehow, someway I got hooked. I worked through Batman 2, 70% finished Lord of the Rings, and am currently working through Harry Potter Year 1-3. 

5. Doctor Who
Found it here.
This is by no means a 'secret' guilty pleasure. This man broke my heart and change my world. Also, can you believe this is a DRAWING?!

6. Pink Sparkly Things
Don't Judge. 

7. Dancing
Maks Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis foxtrot to John Legend's "All of Me"  -   ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars'  -   week 3 of  -  season 18  -  March 31, 2014  -  score  10+9+10+10 =39  of 40 possible points   -  guest judge GMA's Robin Roberts
From Dancing With the Stars, dance centered movies, great dance music videos, to pretending I am dancing out every song on the radio, dance just ROCKs. 


  1. I think this is a great collection of guilty pleasures! It's all just so fun. :) I don't really watch Dancing with the Stars, but my Mom does, so she usually makes me watch the stand out dances. And I don't mind cause good dancing is great to watch. And I love coloring books too! There was a time in college when it was such a great relaxing pastime, I should get some more actually. :D

  2. Coloring books are a perfectly acceptable hobby (and they turn out looking nicer than trying to sketch something on my own). I will say, though I haven't watched them recently, one of my favorite ways to turn off the brain and relax in college was...Barbie movies. Yep, the CGI animated Barbie films. I saw quite a few of them during one particularly harsh semester. Do you feel older and more mature now? ;)