Saturday, August 30, 2014

August Recap 2014

Okay. I am finally doing it...a monthly recap!!

August was a FUN month! I was waiting forever for my weekend up North and it finally came. Me and Hubby went up to Lutsen with two other couples. It was a blast! And the Sea Villa we stayed in was much nicer than I was expecting. So that was a bonus. We ate pizza, s'mores, fudge, grilled, bonfired, talked, and laughed. BEST. And hopefully repeatable. 

I also started a home business. *cross fingers it all goes well!* I am super pumped about it and want it to do well. 

And then cheerleading. Ah. Back in the swing of things. This will be my sixth year coaching I think. It all sort of becomes a neverending blur. I have high hopes for the season with a new batch of freshmen. 

Fantasy Football 2014 baby! Hubby and I weren't as prepared for the draft this year around, which we held at our apparently super small house. This was evidenced by our drafting two, yes TWO defenses. Sigh. Better luck next year, eh? Next year I think I will do my own team though. Love ya Hubby! ;D

I am closing out the month with seven new books on my Read shelf. Most of the reviews are still pending. I am so behind on posting reviews!
5 Stars:
Let's All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs
4 Stars:
Thirteen by James Phelan
Growing Up Social by Arlene Pellicane and Gary D. Chapman 
Velveteen Rabbit (audiobook)-no review pending
Heart Shaped Rock by Laura Roppe (linked to review)
3 Stars:
Bouquet of Love by Janice Thompson (linked to review)
2 Stars:
Parenting the Whole-Hearted Child Jeannie Cunnion (also a DNF)

I have managed 14 posts for August. Respectable :)
Speak-3 Stars....though I am thinking 2 is more like it...
Fire Wish-4 Stars
Bouquet of Love-3.5 stars
...and now do you see why I am behind on reviews??
Quick Reviews:
Team Us-3.5 Stars....more like a 3 now..
Blitzes, Tours, Reveals:
Pieces of Me Blitz--giveaway still open!
Dream Boy Blitz--giveaway still open!
Kid Focused:
And more...

Season Two of Gilmore Girls! I flew through season one, but somehow don't have as much time for season two. Still a great show, not a favorite yet, but darned good!

Also: SEASON EIGHT OF DOCTOR WHO!! No spoilers I promise! As much as I hate to admit it, Peter Capaldi isn't horrible. Everything I hated about the episode was on the production side. Like WOW. Horrible production. If I can tell the camera work is being used to make me think a scene is more hectic and crazy then  it really is...then no bueno. 

And yes, I have gotten sucked into the giant Simpson's marathon a few times :) 

Time for me to get back to Yoga! I'm starting with some easy hip openers 

I made these and these and they were huge hits! 

Debating if I should do this

And who doesn't need one of these? Adorable! 

Looking ahead to September I don't have much planned. A nephew's birthday, a book party, some football (!!), some fall Caribou mochas, and hopefully some better organization! Goodbye dear August, you were humid as usual, yet I am still sad to see you go. 


  1. Best wishes on the consultant job!
    You did good for books, but I have to ask, why does a DNF get a 2 star rating? I don't get it....
    Happy September reading!

  2. Ah, yes I suppose I should clarify that one. I'll do a better job in the upcoming review, but for what I read it wasnt an awful book. Well written and encouraging. It just wasnt a book I was interested in. I didnt want to leave it at a DNF because I didnt want people to skip it completely because it might be the book for them!

  3. Yes, next year you need your own Fantasy Football team. Your marriage might not survive another draft! (Tee-hee!)