Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Favorite Usborne far

If you've seen last Friday's post, you know how important I think reading is in the life of a child. To help bring the spotlight further to these amazing books, I am sharing Baby Girl's favorite Usborne far :) In no particular order....

Usborne Publishing makes great touchy-feely books and currently has over 30 ''That's Not My...'' books in their catalog. Baby Girl grew up with ''That's Not My Bear'' and loved it. The newest addition to our collection is:
Picture of That's Not My Goat
That's Not My Goat...
Whimsy, adorable, and search for the mouse on every page!

This next book was an insta-hit with Baby Girl, as soon as I pulled it out of the box!
Picture of Baby's Very First Big Play Book
Baby's Very First BIG Playbook
It has bright, contrasting colors, sound buttons that won't drive the parents crazy, flaps, feely spots, and finger tracing! I love the finger tracing for helping BG define her fine motor skills.

I pretty much had to buy this book after I returned BG's favorite book to the library (Alphabeep)...
Picture of Busy Trucks on the Go
Busy Trucks on the Go
This title is actually from Kane Miller (the 'more' of Usborne Books and More). The pictures are gorgeous for parents, and the text rhymes which is great for little kids learning to talk. Each page features a father and son checking out a new truck, which BG just loves!

BG has a lot of 'First Word' books, and she has always been a huge fan of them. This next one is no exception:
Picture of My First Word Book
My First Word Book
This book has hundreds of words (around 270 actually!) and besides the adorable illustrations, I love that it contains some 'lesser known' words. 'Bat' is new to BG and on the 'Things that Go' page they feature a wheelchair! Fantastic!

How could I NOT include this next one?? I thought it would be beyond BG's skills so far, but she surprises me yet again!
Picture of There's a Mouse About the House
There's a Mouse About the House! 
This is also an activity book. The child takes the little paper mouse pictured and slides him through a small slot on each page to help progress the story. I didn't think BG had the fine motor skills to get the mouse through the slots, but she surprised me by being determined to figure it out, and she has several times! Another great feature? The back cover contains another mouse to trace and make in case you lose yours or it gets destroyed by a teething first hand experience here of course.....

Last but not least...
Picture of Get Dressed, Max and Millie

Get Dressed, Max and Millie
I knew this book would be a bit 'older' for BG, but the Max and Millie books are so cute! This one is basic enough for a child to follow and understand. It teaches kids how to get dressed while paying attention to the weather. It also includes the perfect amount of silliness :)

One of the great features of Usborne and Kane Miller books? That I as the parent, also enjoy them. They are never boring for me AND they hold a toddler's attention!

I highly recommend you check these books out for the littles in your life! The holidays are ever approaching :)


  1. I'm a book lover so bought my kids books from before they were born. Now as I am buying them for grandchildren I like to find ones others recommend. I'm grateful for your list! Let that baby read :-). She'll grow up to be a reader. ~Pamea

  2. I sure hope so! I love reading books to her and I am quickly finding out that not all books are created equal