Friday, August 15, 2014

The Power of Literacy + announcement!

I am not sure if it is evident or not, but I LOVE reading :) I also am a firm believer that every child should have access to books. Reading has been proven to increase testing scores and graduation rates.

Fast facts and great links:

  • Low-income children begin school as many as 18 months behind their more affluent peers.
  • More than 60 percent of low-income families have no children’s books in their homes.
  • Children living in poverty who can't read on grade level by 3rd grade are 13 times less likely to graduate on time than their peers.
  • THIS infographic
  • This article has some pointers about reading aloud to your child.
  • They also provide these FANTASTIC book activity calendars
  • Lastly, THIS college has put together a great technical source about literacy
...I had better stop myself there :)

And I get it, I grew up with the Internet and had a cell phone before touch technology was dreamt of. I blogged way back in 2003, I had Myspace, and used Facebook before non-college kids were allowed to use it. Technology is cool, hip, happenin'. Kids want the newest, coolest gadgets and toys.

But nothing, NOTHING, can ever replace the power of literacy and a good book. 

So I am taking this passion, and translating it into a way to support my family. I have decided to join Usborne Books and More as an independent consultant. Their books are simply the best in quality, fun and education. "Usborne does books better" and they aren't kidding!

I hope you will stop by and check out their extensive catalog or at least the wide variety of the top 50 products.

Share a passion for reading like I do? Want the power to make some extra income and work your own hours? Consider becoming a consultant! Sign up on my website this month and receive $370 worth of books for only $100. THAT is a great way to begin a great business :) Contact me with any questions!

And now I leave you dear friends, to take off on a lovely vacation with friends. Next week I will share some of Baby Girl's favorite far! Before I go, enjoy this fun infographic :))


  1. Good luck with the new job! Encouraging a literary culture in homes is hard, but when parents value and encourage reading, the kids usually follow, right? :)

  2. Thanks Kel! I feel like I read so much that Baby Girl will be learning by osmosis :)