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Quick Review: Jonah and the Great Big Fish

Jonah and the Great Big Fish by Rhonda Gowler Greene
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Publisher: Zondervan
Publishing Date: August 12, 2014
Goodreads Summary:
God told Jonah to obey,

said, "Go to Nineveh this day..".

But, stubborn Jonah fled instead.

Didn't do what God said.

Jonah's disobedience landed him inside a big fish! And there he had time to think and pray.
Children will feel the waves and hear the splash as Jonah sinks down and down and down into the belly of the fish. This story serves as an excellent reminder of how important it is to listen to God.

 I requested a copy of this book from the publisher via BookLook with the intent to review honestly. All opinions are my own. Buy a copy direct from the publisher HERE for $9.99 (8/1/14) 

My Thoughts:
I was excited to see this title available for review shortly after reading good things about the author on another blog. And what can I say? I am a sucker for growing my child's library....

This title is a little beyond Baby Girl's comprehension and attention span. Greene stays true to the Biblical story of Jonah and even manages to do so with adorable rhyme (see summary above). The concept is obviously a bit beyond an almost two year old, but I was, and am, hoping it will be a book she can grow into. Even more importantly, a book that can teach her a lesson about obeying God.

For now, I am emphasizing the rhyming cadence. Rhyming is important for developing phonological awareness, which as we all know :), helps develop oral skills and builds an excellent base for learning to read. I also explain some of the pictures by saying "It's always good to listen'' or just pointing out the boat, the rain, and the fish (all signs she knows).

'Jonah's' biggest hurdle? The illustrations. While I find them whimsy and artistic, they also feel blurry and out of focus. It is hard to get Baby Girl to focus on the book when there aren't a lot of definitive lines and colors.

The back of the book recommends this title for ages 4-8 and I would have to agree. The content and illustrations won't get the attention of a smaller child; I would know. Therefore, I have to give this book only 3 stars from me and Baby Girl. Hopefully it will grow into something more, but it isn't for our family just yet.

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