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50 Women Every Christian Should Know Review

50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Heroines of the Faith
50 Women Every Christian Should Know by Michelle DeRusha
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Publisher: Baker Books
Publishing Date: September 16, 2014
Goodreads Summary:
Throughout history, countless women have boldly stepped out in faith and courage, leaving their indelible mark on those around them and on the kingdom of God. In lively prose Michelle DeRusha tells their stories, bringing into focus fifty incredible heroines of the faith. From Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, and Anne Hutchison to Susanna Wesley, Harriet Tubman, and Corrie ten Boom, women both famous and admirable live again under DeRusha's expert pen. These engaging narratives are a potent reminder to readers that we are not alone, the battles we face today are not new, and God is always with us in the midst of the struggle. 
I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Buy a copy of the book today

My Thoughts: 
It is not an overstatement to say that EVERY CHRISTIAN needs to read this book, male or female, newbie or 'junkie'. Having this collection of fifty women who were self-less, faithful, and wavemakers is truly an inspiration. I follow author Michelle DeRusha's blog so I have had the privilege of seeing a few behind the scenes moments. The struggles, time and effort the author put into writing about FIFTY separate, amazing women and culling each giant story into a few short pages. Nothing short of astounding in itself.

First, the obvious: I just loved reading through these tiny glimpses of these giant women of faith! It is like a Hebrews 11 book of women. And I truly mean it, these ladies were FAITHFUL. Writing and reading when it was frowned upon for women, trusting and loving the Lord when it meant certain death, standing up for the weak and destitute, and raising, and losing, hundreds of kids. How could this book NOT be an inspiration? Each time you set the book down these fifty women will stick to your heart, you will ponder their lives and your own guaranteed.


I just have two nitpicky things to say about the book, and only because I was trying to look with a critical eye. First, some of the women's chapters felt more purposeful, with a clear conclusion and take away. But others just felt like they...ended. They may have had a compelling life story, but sometimes I was left wondering 'And now what?'

Second, I wish the editor had allowed for a 'Further Reading' section at the end of each chapter. I would love to read more on some of these women of faith. The very back of the book includes DeRusha's notes and Bibliography so I will try to cull some extra reading from there. 

"50 Women" will be sticking with me for a long while, and will hopefully be making it's way onto my Re-Read 2015 list. Until then I will be trying to push everyone I know to read it and become inspired themselves. 5 stars. 

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  1. Even though I'm a catholic, I'm not practicing but still fascinated by religion as long as it's not pushed towards me. I think even those without faith can take away a lot from reading about these women. Their loves, morals and the message they portray. Regardless of faith or not, race, creed or colour, the same fundamental message is to support and love one another and these women sound as though they are promoting the same inspiration. Thanks for sharing Alyssa <3