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Get Wise Review

Get Wise: Make Great Decisions Every Day
Get Wise by Bob Merritt
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Publisher: Baker Books
Publishing Date: October 21, 2014
Goodreads Summary:
We make dozens of decisions, big and small every day--some without much thought at all. But with many decisions, there's a certain amount of danger. One wrong decision can destroy a career or a marriage. A string of wrong decisions can derail a life. So how do we know if our decisions are wise ones? 
Pastor Bob Merritt has found that the best way to get it right is to cultivate godly wisdom. In "Get Wise," he takes God's best wisdom as found in the book of Proverbs and applies it to the top decisions every person has to make--decisions about education, work, family, friends, sex, parenting, money, and more. Topic by topic, he shows readers how to make choices that result in long-term benefits in health, reputation, peace, and finances.
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Buy a copy through the church's bookstore Beyond Books

My Thoughts:
Bob Merritt stations us firmly in the Book of Proverbs, a place I honestly don't read much from. 'Get Wisdom' breaks up into five different sections; "Wisdom, Weaknesses, and God" discusses why we should trust Solomon's wisdom and how we can acquire the same, "Personal Wisdom" covers the heart, mouth and feet. From there we move into relational and family wisdom and end with "Successful Wisdom''.

Having read Merritt's first book, 'When Life's Not Working', I knew I was in for a practical, hard-hitting read. Merritt combines entertaining real life stories with Biblical truth in a seamless manner. The pastor's willingness to share both wins and failures is encouraging. Plus, the combination helps the reader make some sense out of what can be a difficult Biblical book. I didn't feel that this book was trying to replace the Bible in some way, but rather drive the reader to the original text, which I love.
'But there's a difference between being foolish and being a fool. Everyone trips up and does foolish things at times, but some people are fools by their very nature. A fool is a fool all the time.'
And much like his last book, Merritt knows how to go after the re-read. 'Get Wise' covers most of the major aspects of life (money, friends, parenting, etc) which easily ensures that any reader will need to return to the book again and again to glean more wisdom. I've read his previous book twice, and have contemplated a third, and I can already tell that I would love a re-read of this one as well.

Incredibly well written and well thought out, do I have any choice but to give this book 5 stars?? I am also proud to announce that this is my husband's FIFTH book he read in 2014. Doesn't that count for a little something? ;) Add 'Get Wise' to your reading list for January 2015 and get ready to feel motivated in all aspects of life.

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