Thursday, December 18, 2014

Library Challenge 2015


I'm joining Sheila at Book Journey in her 2015 Library Challenge. Returning my passions back to the library is something I was already contemplating for the new year. Joining up with this challenge was a no-brainer. 

Here are the challenge levels:
1-5 check outs in 2015 – NOVICE
6-11 check outs in 2015 – ROOKIE
12- 16 check outs in 2015 – INTERMEDIATE
17 – 22 check outs in 2015 – SEASONED
23 – 27 check outs in 2015 – EXPERIENCED
28 + check outs in 2015 – GOING PRO!
I'm aiming for Seasoned, but hopefully by June (the midway point) I can confidently up that to Experienced. 
Yes the shiny new covers still call to me, but I also want to support the library systems. They do an awesome wonderful thing that should never fade away.
Join us??


  1. I love challenges! I wish I had more freedom to participate, but I love seeing readers' progress throughout. Will you be posting regular updates?

    Confession time, I have no idea where my local library is even located. isn't that horrid. But on the plus side, the more books I buy myself, then others can borrow them from the library instead.

    Yeah, that sounds lame whichever way I spin that :D Good luck Alyssa and look forward to following your progress <3

  2. First, I will be trying to post regular updates! I want to be more intentional about posting month end wrap up posts next year.

    I think I can confidently say I spent less than $30 on books this entire year, and I would love to continue that on to the next year! The library is a great way to do it. And it helps that I have cards for two different counties so I can pretty much find whatever I want :D

  3. I do ESL and computer tutoring at my library, so I'm usually there at least every other week, which almost inevitably results in browsing the books. I'm actually lucky; my library is pretty good about getting new YA releases. :)

    And did you seriously spend less than $30 on books this year?! Wow, this makes me look like a book buying addict. ;)

  4. I told myself I wasn't signing up for any challenges this year, but if there was ever a challenge perfect for me this was it!

  5. I wasn't going to do any either, but I had already been thinking about ways to challenge myself personally in 2015. This one and a re-read challenge lined up exactly with what I had already been thinking.