Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lame Reasons I am Lame

As a peek behind the blog post is much needed, I thought I should provide to you a few *lame* reasons I am so lame. Commence:

1. I took a brief visit to the ER. It was quite uneventful, long, tedious and unproductive. It was how ever probably the most hydrated I have been in quite some time. 

2. I have an apparent complete lack of organizational skills. In one night alone:
    I sent my husband and daughter to a gymnastics class.....one hour late. 

    I left my jacket at home. It was 20 degrees with quite the wind chill. I was wearing a t-shirt. 
    And on the way to my meeting (7:00-9:00 pm) I remembered I was on for snack duty at Baby Girl's school in the morning. I made donuts at 11:00 pm. 

3. My brain can only handle one thing at a time because of these stellar organizational skills. If I am reading a book, than cleaning is completely out the window. In fact, getting sucked into a book at night can be quite dangerous as it most likely means I forget to set my alarm for the following morning's appointments. 

4. I signed up for some blog tours. And then promptly forgot to write them down. 

5. I've taken on a lot of 'little' projects. Things I signed up for because 'I'm not really doing anything'. All these little things have added up to me falling behind on general life. 

So. As you can see: LAMES. That is why I ask all you lovely friends to not give up on me! One day I will get on top of the to-do list....one day....


  1. You're not lame :) That's just life :)


  2. OMG, you just wrote the story of my life :p Nice post!

  3. Haha! Isn't it so true? I bought a notebook (A Where's Waldo one of course :D) and I am just writing down every thought I have!

  4. Yes, yes I do. Baked donuts though. Chocolate oreo donuts, vanilla glaze with strawberry....NUM. Buy a donut pan! They are so easy

  5. Eep sounds like a lot of things snowballed - totally understandable! And I hope you are fine after that ER visit!

  6. That's not lame at all, if that's lame then I'm queen of the lame misfits. I specifically go to the shops for one thing, I come home with everything but that one thing. I'm one of those people who falls over my own feet, I can never remember anything, some days I even forget how to spell basic words. I think it's a sign that we need to slow down and try not to juggle everything at once.

    I hope you're feeling much better now Alyssa <3

  7. I'm getting some additional testing done, but I'll live :D haha Thanks for asking Charlene

  8. That is a good point: slowing down and not juggling everything at once. I am constantly thinking about what needs to get done and what I should be doing next. I've been trying to write all my 'busy' thoughts down in a notebook lately, and I think it has helped! Once out of my brain and on paper I feel much better!