Friday, June 13, 2014

Am I Book Prejudice?

I've been thinking so much after reading "The Article" that is creating such a buzz around the 'Net. The idea that someone would look down on adults who read YA isn't new, but it is still appalling. There have been enough great responses (check Modern Mrs Darcy--she is one of my fave bloggers, THIS, and THIS) and that is not what I am here to do.

Rather I want to examine my own reading habits. Do I look down on any particular genre? Do I thumb my nose at others for what they read? I sincerely hope not. I understand that everyone is different and thus have different reading tastes, and that is GREAT! But do I pass over certain books because they are 'beneath' me? Or not "real literature'?

There are subjects I avoid reading about (see my list), but I choose to do this to protect myself as a really sensitive consumer. As a result, though, I tend to avoid ''adult'' books because they often contain these themes.

Am I pulling a Ruth Graham in reverse??!!

I don't want to hear myself ever say again that I don't read 'this' genre or 'that' type of book (beyond what I need to avoid. See above). I don't want to be so generic. I need to take each book on it's own merit. Did I enjoy it? Was it well written? Did I learn anything? These are the things that truly matter.

So as an honest confession, I believe there are two 'genres' I have avoided simply on what they are: New Adult and graphic/illustrated novels.

I have tried two or three New Adult books, and found them too oriented on graphic sex. But I love the idea of a genre that focuses on the 'college-age' years, older and freer than high school years and before settling down with a family. If you have any clean recommendations, PLEASE leave a comment below!!

Graphic or illustrated novels have never held any interest for me. They have seemed too similar to comic books which just reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes (which I love!!). But I need to give it a shot. Oh, the Books! recently shared a fantastic list and I think I will be picking at least one to try this summer. I am a complete newbie so leave some recs in the comments below!! 

What did you think of the Slate article? Are there any genres you have avoided??


  1. Somewhat shameless plug, but my books are right in that clean books about twenty-somethings . . .but one of my twenty somethings happens to be a dragon and rather than in college my main character is a scholar and healer from the Academy of Magic and Sciences.
    I almost wrote the main character as younger to break into a YA audience, but then I thought, why do teenagers get all the fun? Make her 21!

  2. Well..I'm sold!! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I don't think there's a problem with saying you don't *generally* read "x" genre or "y" kind of book. There are exceptions to every reading rule, but I think opening with that statement conveys what kind of books you like more quickly and concisely- more effective communication, if you will. It allows for added qualifications, but creates a framework within which to work.

    I know what you mean. I've avoided most New Adult thus far because much of it is geared toward romance and/or graphic sex. I read a ton of manga in high school and have read some graphic novels and novels with illustrations since. And if it turns out you don't like them, no worries, right? :)

  4. I agree with Kel - I think it's fine if there are books you'd rather not read - and hopefully it's because you have tried them and not liked what you got, but the issue with that article is that she thinks people shouldn't read a certain kind of book. And definitely people should be free to read any kind of book, just as they should be free to NOT read any kind of book. It's just a ridiculous article!

    I do have genres I don't read too - mostly because I don't enjoy them, or because I do like 'cleaner' reads, like you, or books with happy endings. It's just my preference though - I don't think I look down on anyone for liking something! (I hope!)

  5. Agreed! That's why I feel like I need to try those two genres, I haven't given them a fair shot. Especially graphic novels. I want to make sure I'm not looking down on them!