Monday, June 2, 2014

When You Read Too Many Awesome Books

This year I have read far more non-fiction than fiction. In fact, it took me until March to read my second fiction book! Can you believe it?! I certainly couldn't and I wasn't doing it purposefully, but I just haven't felt interested in most of the fiction books I currently own. I want to get lost in a novel but just don't called to any particular one :/

So instead I've been doing what a lot of people call 'binge-reading' non-fiction. I can't help it! So many awesome people have been releasing awesome books this year! Check THIS, THIS, and THIS for just a few. It has been so awesome to have opportunities to review them! 

My "problem"?? They are all too awesome. Yes, that is a thing. More than half my ratings are 4, 4.5, and 5 star ratings. That shouldn't be a bad thing...except. Except I feel I'm in an awesome non-fic overload! Should I stop reading non-fic for an 'awesome' break? Should I read a ''less awesome'' book? 

The other part that makes me wonder about my 'awesome book' problem are the amount of bloggers that openly admit to not reading the blogs of reviewers who rate books too highly. Why this would be so, is beyond me. That is certainly not a factor I think about when deciding to follow a blog. So I have to say: I hope we can still be friends even though I read some pretty spectacular books :))

What would you do? Have you ever been on an awesome book overload? 


  1. If you are still enjoying non-fic then I say keep reading! It seems to be the genre that is making you happy so that's great!

    I think it's silly if people really don't read books that put out too many highly rated book reviews - if a person knows what they like and knows how to find it, it shouldn't take away from their veracity as a blogger! I definitely don't follow that way of thinking!

  2. I say, if you're enjoying these books and are still excited about and in the mood for more, go for it. Read what you want when you want and don't worry about it.

    And finding a bunch of high-star books in a row is definitely not a bad thing. I'm still climbing out of a major reading slump and binging on a bunch of great books sounds awesome.

    Also, side note: I tried to subscribe to your blog via email and got this message: "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled." :(

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Charlene! With only so much reading time in the world, I like to read what I love :)

  4. :(( Thanks for the heads up Kel! I will try to get that fixed today!

  5. I've never been on a non-fiction book binge; if that's how you feeling I'd definitely say go with it :D Sometimes you get lucky and read so many great books, while other times nothing seems appealing.

    I love critical reviews, and those with a 2-3 star rating are usually most helpful in helping me decide to read a book or not. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading raving reviews (: