Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3 MG Books I Have Read 3 times, or more!

There are probably a few books I have read more than three times (not counting Harry Potter, Twilight, or Austen). These are the three that immediately popped into mind:

Princess Nevermore
Princess Nevermore by Dian Curtis Regan

OMGosh. The bomb.com! The story was so romantic and the ending so thrilling and heartbreaking!! I would read it over and over again. Princess Quinn lives in a world beneath our own but dreams of one day visiting the surface. A fateful, magical accident has her transported to the surface where she is, luckily, taken in by a kind family. Soon, Quinn is discovering a world of electricity and high school, all while falling in love with a surface boy.

Trapped in Toyland (Sweet Valley Kids Super Special, #1)
Trapped in Toyland by Francine Pascal
Sweet Valley Kids Super Special #1
Okay, I admit to being a SVK fan when I was younger. Like waaaay younger. I probably finished the series in second grade. This one, however, was the only one that I would check out from the library every time I saw it on the shelf. A story featuring the twins getting locked in a toy store overnight? Count me in! Add in a mysterious man making messes and robbing the place? Suddenly the whole thing turns into a 'Home Alone' event.

Searching for David's Heart: A Christmas Story
Searching for David's Heart by Cherie Bennett
Apparently this is a 'Christmas story', but I never realized that, so pay that no mind. Darcy's older brother, and best friend, David dies in a devastating accident in which Darcy believes herself completely to blame. His organs are mercifully donated and one lucky boy receives David's heart. Darcy sets out on an adventure to meet that boy and find her brother's heart.
As you can imagine, it is heart wrenching and beautiful. I had read the book twice before, but I once picked it up, started the story in the middle and couldn't get up again until I had finished the book, sobbing my eyes out.

These are the books I loved. I read tons of other awesome books in my elementary years, but these are the ones that stand out. These are the ones I want to give to my daughter. Yes, SVK included :D

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  1. When I saw the title of this post the SVK book came to mind immediately! :)