Tuesday, April 21, 2015

INSPYs Literature for Young People Judge


Is this a dream come true or what? I've been selected to be a judge in the upcoming INSPY Awards! I'm judging the category Literature for Young People!! Could that be any more fantastic??

I really think the INSPY Awards are fantastic. For bloggers, by bloggers, even the books are nominated by bloggers. It is an inspiration to see the community coming together to honor fantastic authors and their works.

Watch for the shortlist announcement April 30th!

-For more information about the INSPYs, check it out HERE

-Meet the other judges in my category and others HERE


  1. Alyssa! That's absolutely incredible poppet, well done. Such a prestigious responsibility too. I'm not surprised though, you're reviews are always so eloquent and inspirational. Thanks for the link, going to check out all about the awards. Congratulations again lovely, you deserve it <3

  2. We're thrilled you were willing to join us this year. Thank you, Alyssa. :)