Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 2016 Wrap Up

February FLEW by! Am I the only one?? Mostly this month was about settling into my role as a mother of two. Baby Boy was born in January, yes, but then he quickly earned himself another hospital stay after contacting RSV from his big sister. I think he experienced some PTSD from the whole deal because Baby Boy demanded feedings and snuggles almost non-stop after we got back home. 
Baby Boy's 3 week birthday <3

February had some great gatherings as well. The SUPERBOWL in which I had been rooting loudly for the Panthers. We had to scale our party back a bit as we were still a tad concerned about Baby Boy :/ Hubby and I celebrated 12 years of togetherness with an hour of kid free time at his favorite restaurant in town (go wine!). Than my BFF had a housewarming party and then a baby shower! I still can't believe she's about to have a baby girl! Can't wait to meet that little darling (aka future wife of Baby Boy :D)

Husband also went back to work this month so I've been struggling to figure out parenting a toddler and newborn, plus trying to find time to read and blog, plus trying to do everything else life requires...like cleaning. 

I read six books in February! How on earth did I manage that?? Well, all of them were pretty easy to read. Winter took the longest at 800 pages and it was pretty meaty as well. Two books met my personal Library Challenge. One book was from my TBR pile, two were for launch teams, and one was a Netgalley read. 

5 Stars:
Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Winter by Marissa Meyer

4 Stars:
The Gift of Friendship by Dawn Camp
Even if Not by Kaitlyn Bouchillion

3 Stars:
The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillian
A Valentine for Kayla by Kimberly Rose Johnson
I managed 21 posts in February! I am really proud of that considering my life situation right now. I linked three posts up to my discussion challenge group as well. 


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Discussion Posts

Behind the Blog and Extra Fun!
Parks and Rec Season SEVEN! Wha?? Hubby and I had no idea this was happening but were DELIGHTED to find it on Netflix. We totally love this show! 

Follow this blog, it’ll make your dash light up with unicorns and freakin’ magic:

I also just started my Hubby's other favorite show of all time: Arrested Development. Season one is rough so far, but yes, funny. Can't wait for it to develop a bit further. 
I haven't pinned much, but the things I did were book related! 
THIS for a possible REAL LIFE book club I may be joining
THIS is just all the things
and THIS so I can add to my parenting book list. 

I've been all over Instagram lately as well. What with all the extra hours in the middle of the night I have so luckily discovered (thanks Baby Boy), I have been checking in a lot. Check out my Insta HERE and leave your name below if you want me to follow!!

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