Monday, April 11, 2016

March 2016 Wrap Up

I honestly don't remember much of March. I am pretty sure it was the longest month in the history of ever. Baby Boy has been a giant handful, dealing with a possible dairy intolerance with a dash of tomato sensitivity. All I remember is a haze of screaming and bottle making. 

My BFF had her baby girl! It is so awesome that we had children so close together. We got to take bestie pregnancy pics and now tiny infant pics...though both are babies are growing FAST. I still want to plan the future, and inevitable, wedding but I SUPPOSE I could wait til they both turn six months.... :D

Easter was fun. Baby Girl just LOVES egg hunts so she had such a blast with it all. We took her to the city egg hunt again this year. Last year was.....pretty much a disaster. She just stood there and cried. This year wasn't much better, no tears, but she wouldn't pick up any of the candy that was just laying there. Don't think we'll attempt it again next year to say the least. 

Eight books in March! Not bad, not bad :) Three were library books, three were tours, one audio was completed, AND I read a Netgalley book! Go me :)

5 Stars:
A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund (tour)
The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness (library)

4 Stars:
Siren's Song by Mary Weber (Netgalley)
Lady Maybe by Julie Klassen (audio)

3 Stars:
Melancholy by Charlotte McConaghy (tour)
Limerence by Charlotte McConaghy (tour)
Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng (library and book club!)
Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh (library)
Sigh. Not much. At the end of the night when both kiddos are asleep, I go to sleep too. I hardly even stay up to read right now. I'm hoping April will pick up again....


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Arrested Development. It's gotten better! I don't think I could claim it as an all time favorite show like Hubby does however...

Fuller House!! Loved it! So cute! I can't believe it just ...ended....but I heard they are doing another season! Can't wait :) 

I'm changing this section to highlight my favorite and most popular Instagram pics of the month! I am Insta-addicted these days <3 <3
First, the most loved:
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Then, my fave, which was oddly this one. I think it just surprised me:

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