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A Heart's Promise {Quick Review}

A Heart's Promise (A Journey of the Heart #5)
A Heart's Promise by Colleen Coble 
Journey of the Heart #5
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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publishing Date: July 7, 2015
A rival threatens Emmie's budding romance with Isaac.

At Fort Laramie, soldier Isaac Liddle determines he will court and win Emmie Croftner's hand. Though courting seems improbable for a woman in her condition, Emmie begins to care deeply for Issac and chafes as Jessica Dubois sets her bonnet for him.

When Jessica learns of Emmie's secret pregnancy, she blackmails her. With the Sioux Wars raging outside the safety of Fort Laramie, Emmie knows she cannot lose Isaac. But will he reject her--and her child--if he learns the truth?

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Thoughts:
Note: As the fifth book in a series, please proceed knowing that this review will contain spoilers for all previous books. 

Here we are back at it again :) 'A Heart's Promise' is book number five in the Journey of the Heart series, but more like book two in the Emmie installments. This episode kept us trucking right along. We had a lot of great glimpses of Emmie, Sarah, and Amelia all bonding over their pregnancies. There is also a new girl in the fort...who turns out to be an old, yucky, rival: Jessica. And Jessica has set her sights on Issac. This leaves Emmie wondering who Issac really has feelings for and if she can even still claim his heart after what she's said and done. Coble's villains are SO 'grrr' worthy! Ben and Jessica have both driven me bonkers with their mean spirits. I was hoping they were gone for good. 

I'm still enjoying Emmie's story more than Sarah's previous three. There is less action happening which fits these short novellas much better. It was difficult to have so much action and running around in 100 short pages and still feel connected to the characters and story. Progression is nice and smooth (for a novella); I feel like I can relax more into the story. I am still glad that Sarah is a part of the story, that she didn't just fade into the background. 

The ending event was rushed and abrupt to me. Besides that and Issac getting a little moody like Rand used to do, book five was another novella success. 4 stars and book six is already waiting for me :) 

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