Friday, July 31, 2015

A Life Announcement

I suppose if someone had been paying close attention they may have figured it out ;p I'm sure I mentioned a few times in June about not feeling well. I can now freely report that it wasn't just a common cold or stomach bug. 


This was our announcement picture. These are our initials :) Not the bestest picture known to mankind, but it got the word out. Baby #2 is still an unknown gender but we will find out. 'He' is due January 2016.

Receiving a positive test was a bit of a surprise. We had tried for a baby for awhile, but had finally decided to leave it in God's hands and move on. In fact we had just been in the super beginning stages of planning a trip the the U.S. Virgin Islands next spring! And just as with Baby Girl, it must have been the trip planning that got this baby to decide to come along finally. 

Baby Girl is more or less excited for a sibling. Most of the time she says she wants to take the baby from our neighbor's across the street. So that's...positive, right? We have Baby Girl in a big kid bed now (which just slays my mommy heart) and are pushing the potty training (which is still a no go for B.G.). I think she'll be ready for a sibling come January :)

As it gets closer to the due date I'll decide on when and how to do a blogging hiatus. As for now, it shouldn't really change anything. I'm feeling fine, albeit tired. I haven't even felt the booger move yet so I have a looong way to go, but who cares now that the first trimester is long gone :)

So yup...that's the news! Glad I can finally mention it on the blog. I almost spilled the beans a few times. 

In other news: I have now been a children's literacy advocate for one year now! I would really like to get my calendar booked up for the fall, so I can take a break when Baby #2 comes along. Have you considered hosting a party?? 

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