Tuesday, July 14, 2015

INSPY 2015 Award Winners!

I can't believe that after all that fun and great reading, I forgot to post the INSPY Award winners for 2015! The announcement went live on June 30th and hopefully you have already seen the results. First, for the category I was judging the winner was:

Book - Storm Siren
Literature for Young Adult: Storm Siren (Thomas Nelson) by Mary Weber:
"Our panel decided to choose Storm Siren as the winner for the YA category. Nym deals with insecurities about her elemental powers and wondering why she was born with such a curse. This makes Nym relatable to young women all over the world and from every generation – we have all dealt with insecurities at some point in their lives. To see Nym have to come to terms with how she was created and to use those powers for the greater good shows tremendous character growth. Another reason we chose Storm Siren was because of the amazing and magical world that Mary Weber created. World building is one of the first things in a Fantasy novel that draws you into the story. Oh…and who doesn't love a map inside their book!"

YAY! What a great story 'Storm Siren' is! But it was still a tough choice as all the YA books were reeaaallly good as well. I will be posting my own reviews in July and August so keep an eye out. 

The rest of the award winners can be found on the INSPY site. I hope you go and check out the list. Every single book has been added to my TBR list, well...except Ted Dekker. He and I just don't get along...but congrats to him anyways :) I encourage you to check out the Shortlists as well as there are a TON of good books to choose from in each category. 

There are a few categories I was glad I didn't have to judge, it would have been impossible to pick a winner. I wonder how those decision making emails went!

Also, before you go, check the INSPY winners with the recently announce Christy Award winners found here. It goes to show that each category was a tough choice, I think. SO MANY GOOD BOOKS!! Congrats to all the winners!!


  1. Congrats again on judging and yay for Storm Siren!

  2. Yay for Storm Siren alright, which #spoiler, I enjoyed more than Siren's Fury.