Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Little Free Library!

Once upon a time, I was gifted a Little Free Library! Have you heard of these?? I am ultra sad it has taken me this long to share mine. They are SO neat and you can find them just about everywhere. Essentially, they are tiny libraries that businesses and homes can set up and maintain themselves. "Take a book, Leave a book" is kind of the motto. 

My Hubby's aunt and uncle set one up in their yard and I was instantly jealous. Uncle Jim is an excellent carpenter, electrician and creative dude. He easily volunteered to build a little library just for my yard! 

Mine is perhaps a bit bigger than the average library, with two levels and goes two books deep. Even cooler? It is solar powered! So in the evening there is a light inside! Super helpful in these cold, long Minnesotan winters. 

I have it fairly well stocked with a variety of books, fiction and non-fiction, romance, adult lit, YA, and someone has even stocked some kid books! Right before I found out that I was going to recieve my own library, I donated all of our old/unused kid books to Goodwill. Whoops! 

Sadly, I have yet to officially register mine. Things got crazy with the holidays, Baby Boy's birth plus his hospital stay. It has just gotten pushed to the back. But hopefully I'll get on it soon! Step one is then: register it! Step two? I want to get a little notebook in there for people to sign if they want. I also want to keep a list of what is in there/has been in there. Nerdy? Perhaps, but totally awesome!

I think LFL is an excellent way to easily (and totally fun!) promote reading and literacy in your neighborhood. Is it the most obvious and blatant way? No perhaps, but it can become quite the focal point of your street and is an easy way to state "Reading rocks!" to everyone who drives by :)

Check out Little Free Library for more info or to start your own. Check their map to see where some are around your area. Or follow them on Instagram for pictures of some AWESOME little libraries around the world (someone built a TARDIS!).

What do you think? Have you used a Little Free Library before? Would you want to start one??

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