Thursday, July 4, 2013

Class Orientation

**I am moving my Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon posts from Christian Sugar Addict here to Sunrise Avenue. Please bear with me!**

Hey Book Blogging Buddies!

I am participating in my first ever Read-a-thon here with Summer Lovin' hosted by Reviewing Wonderland.

Today's participation post is about introductions and goals. Well taking a peek around the blog you can see I am not a book blogger :( (but check out this announcement I made last week. I would love all your wisdom and pointers as I get started!!) The book blogging world is something I am just discovering, and loving! Participating in this read-a-thon is part of this discovering process! 

Basics: My name is Alyssa! I am married to an awesome Hubby and now have an eight month old Baby Girl, whom I love to share pictures about in every form of social media. Being a new mommy has cut back on my reading time; my TBR pile is growing HUGE! I am a stay at home mom for now. I am heading into another year of coaching cheerleading (football and competitive seasons). Whether or not I coach the whole year is up in the air with a new baby child. I HUGE GINORMOUS fan of DOCTOR WHO!!! If you are too, we should be insta-friends. I am also a fan of () and !!.

I taught myself to read round age 3 by reading Babysitter's Little Sister chapter books. Loved those, Sweet Valley Twins, and Boxcar children. Because I taught myself to read, I often have difficulty with pronunciation in my speech. I had to figure out what words sounded like in my head and what their meaning was by context.  

Since then, I have been a huge reader, leaning heavily in fantasy (Animorphs as a kid quickly migrated into the world of Shannara), paranormal (before vampires were cool there was Queen of the Damned), and dabbling in sci-fi (Acorna was my big break even though I wasn't a total fan). Now, thanks to Twilight, I am discovering the world of YA. I am finding YA captivating in story and imagination, and they are always a quick, easy reading breeze. I am also reading more non-fic as I get older, specifically Christian lit but also beginning to dabble in bios. 

My goals for this read-a-thon are:
1. Read and complete Folly Beach (a beach read about a beach I have actually visited!) 
2. Read and complete an ebook 
3. Participate in the daily blog link ups
4. Follow at least 2 new book bloggers!

Today's challenge can be found HERE!
I am sharing from Age of Miracles
 The Age of Miracles
"My mother had never forbidden me to talk to Sylvia or the other real-timers. It was never explicitly said. But it didn't need to be said. I understood well that I was supposed to keep my distance from them, from Sylvia especially. And mostly, that's exactly what I did." (pg 124)

"Classrooms were half empty all day or, depending on your outlook, half full. Dozens of desks stood unused, attendance sheets went largely unchecked. It was as if certain kids really had been sucked up from the earth to the heavens, the way some Christians were expecting, leaving the rest of us behind, we the children of scientists and atheists and the simply less devout." (pg 47)

Hmm... that last one makes it sound like a religious book, but it is not. Hope this intrigued you to reading it!!

I hope I can complete this amazing reading feat in one week! Wish me luck!!

If you are book blogger, leave a note! I would love to stop by your place!
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