Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

Yup. I am jumping on the Top Ten Tuesday bandwagon. I have been avoiding participation because sometimes the topics are hard for me. I can usually think of one thing, maybe two, but TEN?? *Gulp*

This week is a prime example: List 10 Authors who deserve more recognition. Let's see if I can get that ten!!

No particular order:

1.  Robert C. O'Brien. Wrote Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH of which I just bought at garage sale to reread again. LOVED this book as a kid but even my mom says "Who?"

2. Terry Brooks. Author of the Shannara saga, which a lot of people write off as too "LOTR". Lies. 

3. Annette Curtis Klause. Author of Blood and Chocolate. I add this one because it was recently made into a movie. A horrible, horrible movie. Klause's name should not be remembered by that but by the wonderful book instead! She also wrote The Silver Kiss another frequent re-read of mine as a teen. Hmmm I should find it again.

4. Susie Larson. Christian non-fiction writer. Her latest work Your Beautiful Purpose was filled with such goodness. Her name should be seen right up next to Ann Voskamp and Anne Graham Lotz. 

5.Neil Gaiman for writing Stardust. Still the only work I have read by him, mostly because I am afraid of all the books being completely different from Stardust. And let's face it: they are totally different. 

6. Patrick Rothfuss. THE NAME OF THE WIND. Man, I forget how much I loved this book. It may be long, but WONDERFUL! Notice the caps lock?? I am only mad at him because this was totes the style of story I was writing in college. Probably why it rocked so much ;)

7.Dian Curtis Regan. Wrote Princess Nevermore another frequent re-read that I can't wait to read with Baby Girl. There is a sequel book that she wrote years later, and I am too scared to read it!! Princess Nevermore was just so perfect!! ...hmmm apparently I am scared to read a LOT of books.

8. James Patterson. For writing everything. This man crosses genres so effortlessly and it is all good. Mostly I would point everyone in the direction of Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. Sobbed. 

9. Francine Rivers. Wrote Redeeming Love and....wait, who cares?? She wrote REDEEMING LOVE!! Read it or miss out on life. But, honestly, she did write some other fantastic novels as well :)

10. C.S. Lewis. Yeah he probably gets plenty of recognition for THIS but he also needs recognition for THIS and THIS. Masterful, insightful, brilliant. Will stand the test of time!!

WHEW! Made it :)

Agree or disagree with any of the authors on this list?? Leave a link to your Top 10 below!!


  1. I really love James Patterson's Witch & Wizard and Maximum Ride books. Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. I started the Maximum Ride series, loved it, and then forgot to pick up the next book! Why?!?! Excellent reminder to pick it up, and soon! Thanks!