Thursday, July 11, 2013

OUaTRaT Wrap Up

OnceUponAReadaThon Once Upon a Readathon: Mini Challenge

Wrap Up!! Here it is folks, the end of my second ever read-a-thon. Curious??
  • Finished Blood Calling
  • Finished The Henchmen's Book Club (by the skin of my teeth!)
  • Found a new book blog to follow via Feedly
  • I also posted my review for Valor. My first book review here on Sunrise Ave, but not the last!!
This read-a-thon has obviously shorter, so I felt more pressure to 'perform'. But because it was shorter, there weren't as many difficult challenges. That really worked for me because if they had been tough or involved, I probably wouldn't have participated. 

I hope all my fellow OUaTRaT participants met their goals and had a good time! Well, I better go hop around to find out!! 

Have a fantastic weekend!! Consider following via Feedly or Bloglovin'!

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