Saturday, August 10, 2013

Free eRead-a-thon Goals!

The Free eRead-a-thon starts tomorrow!! Don't forget to sign up HERE and check out the schedule HERE

The goal of Free eRead-a-thon is to tackle those free downloads we all have on our Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, etc. I am joining because I have an overabundance of free e-books. I subscribe to BookBub and get emails daily about free and discounted e-books! My Kindle and Nook are bursting the seams! I encourage you to sign up tonight.

Plus I shared at CSA that I have a personal goal of reading 5 fiction books and 3 non-fiction books for the month of August. I know, this might shock some of you wonderful hardcore book bloggers; only 7 books?? That is just what I am aiming for. I know my limits well: I am a slow reader and August is going to be busier for me with trips and birthdays and weddings. 

I am hoping this read-a-thon will help me knock some ebooks out and get my personal goals accomplished. So here is a list of books I am aiming to read this week:
Desperate by Sarah Mae
Geoducks are for Lovers by Daisy Prescott
Tegan's Blood by L.H. Cosway
Awakening by Hallie Willmott
God Knows My Name by Beth Redman
Gifted by Liz Long

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to BreatheGeoducks Are for LoversTegan's Blood (The Ultimate Power, #1)Awakenings (Elemental Series #1)God Knows My Name: Never Forgotten, Forever LovedGifted: A Donovan Circus Novel

I know I will not finish all these books, but I want to have them listed just in case. I am also not sure of what order I will read them in so I wanted plenty of choice. As for the rest of the read-a-thon I am hoping to participate in at least two challenges and one Twitter party!



  1. Moore goodies I haven't heard of. I'll be checking these out. Happy (free) reading!

  2. Danielle @ Consuming WorldsAugust 11, 2013 at 7:46 PM

    Good luck on reaching your goal! Anything you accomplish is great! I have Awakenings on my Kindle too. I still haven't decided what I'm going to read. Guess I need to get on that! :)

  3. Ooo pick Awakenings then! We can find out if it is good together!!

  4. Thats why I love free ebooks! Well, one they are free! And two: such a wide variety! So many hidden gems

  5. Danielle @ Consuming WorldsAugust 11, 2013 at 9:12 PM

    I will definitely think about it. My original goal was to read the oldest ones possible, but I will have to see on my mood. You reading that one too might sway me! :)

  6. I liked Geoducks are for Lovers-the writing threw me for a loop since she used a lot of present tense words when it wasn't necessary, but it was a fun read. I hope you get around to it.

    Thanks for participating! :D