Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Top Books of far

Well....this post was supposed to be published at the beginning of the month. And then it just wasn't :) But still, here it is:

This list is from January 2013 through July 2013. During that time period I had eleven 5 star reviews on my Goodreads. The Top 11 were:

Anything by Jennie Allen
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
If I Could Keep you Little by Marianne Richmond
Prayer  by Richard J. Foster
Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard
Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman
Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay
The Christian Mama's Guide to Baby's First Year by Erin MacPherson
Innocence by C. Nault and M. Findley


The Final Top Six for the First Half of 2013 are.........*drum roll*
6. The Christian Mama's Guide to Baby's First Year: Everything You Need to Know to Survive (and Love) Your First Year as a Mom
My review as done over at Christian Sugar Addict. I was super excited to be picked to help Erin launch her four book series. I LOVE the cute cover designs. When I received the book, I read it in two days, which at that time with a bitty baby, was an amazing feat of amazing-ness. I still refer to it and can't wait to dive into The Christian Mama's Guide to Parenting a Toddler.

5. Innocence (Shadow War, #1)
My review for this indie book was probably a shameless begging of you to check this book out. I am incredibly nervous for book two. It could go in a couple different directions, and I hope the authors choose a good one. This book definitely deserves more recognition.

4. One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are
I didn't review this one, but just so you know: it messed up my life. Ann Voskamp's book is wildly popular amongst several of the bigger Christian mommy bloggers. Ann's style of writing is different, honest, poetic, and real. Her journey to discovering 1000 things to be thankful for is truly inspiring.

3. Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)
Also didn't review this one :( I am digging this new cover. I am finding myself attracted to large title fonts. And I like the color pink, so that explains that one! I think most people have read this one, so I will not elaborate. If you haven't, FIND THE TIME!!

2. Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul
Ugh. Also messed up my life. It messed up my life so bad, it was scaring me and I had to quit reading it for a long time. Jennie Allen hits so many sore spots with honesty and clarity. I did a guest review of this book over at The Reading List. It was my first ever guest post and I was so nervous, but I think it was one of my favorite reviews! Recommend this one to those brave enough.

1. The Sea of Tranquility
I am sure my review didn't make any sense because I was, and am, so crazy in love with this book. I encourage you to click over to that review and find the link to an interview with Katja and her cinderella story concerning this novel. I requested this book on NetGalley on a whim, having not heard much about it. SO GLAD I DID! This story was new and deep and emotional. Very emotional. Katja Millay has produced a debut novel like a boss. I recommend this book to people walking by on the street.

Honorable Mentions (4.5 Stars)
-The Henchmen's Book Club
-Age of Miracles

Well, friends, I bet you were more organized than I. Did you list your top books of 2013 so far?? List them in the comments below or leave a link!! Want me to check out your Goodreads shelves?? Leave that link as well!!

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  1. Maura @ The Whimsical MamaAugust 26, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    I need to sit down and think about this! I hadn't even thought to do a review of the first half of the year. I've read some great books so far! Some of yours are on my TBR list.