Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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I started reading Desperate (30%) but discovered that this is not a book I want to rush through. It is craaazy good and has such a wealth of knowledge that I am going to set it aside and read after the 'thon is over. Thus I moved onto Geoducks are for Lovers.

See original goals HERE
Didn't have much reading time with grocery shopping, baby, and coaching. I am 37% finished with Geoducks are for Lovers. Not what I thought it would be at all, but not bad. Somewhere around chapter 10 the author decided to start changing the POV from the MC Maggie to the love interest Gil randomly and without warning. One sentence will be from Maggie, the next Gil. SO CONFUSING! 

Well, not going to lie. Today is Wednesday as I write this....and I don't seem to remember much of Tuesday. But I don't think I read much, I was 84% done with Geoducks are for Lovers. 

Finished Geoducks. I reviewed it only on Goodreads, where I stick to brief notes and thoughts. I started Awakenings and so far like it. Tough times seem to start immediately for Jacey, and several things are said or indicated around her that she is not picking up on like a normal person would. I often call that in my head 'dumb MC syndrome/Oblivious MC syndrome'. I read 22%. 

Started off lovin Awakenings but it is now dragging on......I should have DNF so I could read more books on my goals list, but by then I was 83% through the book.  Thursday, Friday, and tomorrow are going to be tough to find reading time with Hubby home from work! 

Well, finished Awakenings. And made it 5% into Tegan's Blood. Still not sure which direction this one is going to take me. After Awakenings though, I feel like I need a contemporary. I just bought "My Life Next Door'' last night so will probably dive into that one before taking on what appears to be another paranormal.

Well, overall.......this was a bad week for a read-a-thon for me :(( I missed the first twitter chat because of baby and the second because I misjudged the time zones. I read through a lot of it later though. So basically: I am a dork. I also choose two loooong feeling books. Geoducks was okay, as was Awakenings but man oh man I had to slog through them both. I feel vaguely off, like car sickness or something. The challenges for this read-a-thon were tough! I sorta participated in the recipe challenge, but posted on Facebook so I am not sure that counted. 
Bottom line??? It was a busier week for me and then hubby came home. I hardly ever get to read much with Hubby home. I am hoping to start fresh with My Life Next Door tomorrow!! 


  1. Congrats on your progress, you managed more than I did! I ended up missing both twitter chats as well :(
    Better luck with your next book choice!

  2. Thank you! I wish I could have gotten more done. Next time, I give Hubby more warning I am doing a reading challenge :)