Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Literary World I would choose to live in...


Fantasy has always and will always be my first book love. This is the genre that drew me into reading and never let go. It's why I chose to list my top 10 fantasy worlds last week. But this week's question for Behind the Blog with Bookish Musings is making me choose. just. one.

If you could choose any book world to live in, which world would it be and why would you want to live there?
I knew my choice had to come from my favorite fantasy worlds. But how does one choose between Hogwarts and Middle Earth, Wonderland and Oz?? I went with the world that popped into my head first: Narnia. 

I love the gentleness, the quiet content of all who live in Narnia. The creatures are dreams of every little girl, unicorns, princes, princesses, dwarves, and talking animals. I would love to live there for the sheer beauty. Perhaps it does appeal to my inner child a bit too much. But I am unashamed! :)

Ideally, I would love to live in the time of Edward, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy's reign. 

And while I liked the White Witch, I don't think I really want to meet her. Or live where it's winter always and never Christmas. 
(talk about a win for feminism)

Even the idea of trying to FIND Narnia is like a personal challenge. See a giant wardrobe?? Gotta check out the back to make sure it's solid and not a way to Narnia. And better look under the bed just in case!

Okay folks, tell me what literary world you would live in if you could choose! Fantasy? Sci-fi? Or Jane Austen??

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