Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Green Plastic Monkeys Review

There's a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse: And Other Ways Motherhood Changes Us
There's a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse by Jessie Clemence
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Goodreads Summary:
There’s no doubt about it! Motherhood changes your life—mentally, emotionally, and physically. Find practical insights and biblical wisdom to help you display humility, patience, and love in the book There’s a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse. With a casual tone and sense of humor Jessie Clemence creatively expresses challenges faced by moms as she explores God’s perspective on motherhood and shares her personal experiences as a mother of two. Includes a funny quiz, interesting interviews with moms, study questions, and more
I recieved this book from Discovery House Publishers via Netgalley in exchange for a review. It's current price on Amazon is $8.99 (8/11/13).

My Thoughts:
Jessie Clemence is right on the mark: Motherhood changes you. There is the loss of time and freedom, but there are tons of intrinsic changes as well. All of a sudden you realize how horrible you are. Suddenly you get to see how impatient you are, how selfish you are, how rude you are....just me??

The layout for Green Monkey addresses these changes. Eleven chapters focus on a trait mothers might hope to exemplify. The chapter titles say it all: "I want to be a Selfless Mother", "I want to be a Coherent Mother" or "I want to be an Organized Mother". Each chapter then, of course, discusses the trait listed and breaks up into sections to cover all aspects.

The book has a very down-to-earth, meet over coffee feel to it. Clemence is friendly and open, but not overly personal. Instead of feeling like a close friendship, it felt more like a good mentorship.

What I loved?? The short chapters! No really! Because it is broken up so well, I could easily put it down, diaper a baby, and then pick it up again and not feel lost or like I forgot something. Perfect for new and busy mommies.

Green Monkey is also a Christian based book. I think Clemence did a good job of working verses and Bible stories in with her own ideas. It wasn't overbearing nor was it non-existent. Clemence could be both encouraging and admonishing depending on the topic and it was easy to accept because you knew she had been there already. The Bible definitely felt like a guide which is so important and can be left out in Christian non-fic books.

Another aspect I really enjoyed were the end of chapter study questions and text blurbs (includes Q&As with her friends and longer in-depth interviews). I usually skip study questions in books, but read them this time to be honest in my review. There were only 4 or 5 questions at a time and were well phrased, pushing to make me really think about the topic and apply it to my life. The Q&As were honest and relatable. I would have enjoyed reading plenty more!

Two things I didn't quite enjoy: 1. I didn't feel the content was completely original. It was arranged in a creative, helpful way, but I didn't feel as though the content were something I couldn't find elsewhere. It is a light read and if someone were looking for that, this would be a great book to recommend. 2. I would have preferred more practical tips and advice to be interspersed with the coffee talk knowledge. I'm a girl who needs it spelled out. Give me practical ideas of how to overcome impatience and I'm sold!

Overall, Green Monkey is a book I would recommend to any of my mommy friends. Women out there struggling with mommy guilt or struggling to keep up with the 'World' would benefit from reading this light novel. Four stars from me!

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  1. This sounds like a good practical book - just the kind I like to read. Thank you for sharing this review. :-)

  2. Its easy to squeeze in for busy moms and readers!