Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 Discussion Challenge

2016 Book Blog Discussion Challenge

I'm joining roughly about 80 other bloggers who are dedicating themselves to more discussion posts in 2016. This is something I mentioned as a reading intention for the new year already. Joining up with the challenge is simply a way to help keep me on track.

Our lovely hosts do offer some levels to achieve for this challenge:
1-12 Discussion Dabbler
13-24 Creative Conversationalist
25-36 Chatty Kathy
37-48 Terrifically Talkative
49+ Gift of the Gab.

I am going to shoot for Creative Conversationalist. Again, this is probably a aim low, shoot high kind of goal. And again, I use baby #2 as an excuse :) I'm already brainstorming and hope to share a discussion post/personal life post at least every other week.

Anything you would like me to discuss? Shoot me some pointers, tips, or ideas below!!

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