Friday, January 1, 2016

First Book of the Year 2016

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I'm linking up today with Sheila from Book Journey to share my first book of the new year!

I am reading 'The Merchant's Daughter' by Melanie Dickerson! I recently read 'Huntress of Thornbeck Forest' and really enjoyed it. Now I am working my way through her backlist. This is book two of a loosely related six book series. Each one is vaguely based on a fairy tale set in medieval times, this one being Beauty and the Beast.

I choose this book to be my first book to help set the mood for my whole year. I want to spend 2016 reading cozy books, comfortable books, books that have dreams and romance. I could have picked a book to "hype" about or to "show off", but I have become so uncomfortable lately with the need to have the best and latest that I see so prevalent in the book community. It's not just about reading awesome books anymore, but about showing off the latest ARC and bookish swag. I personally want to avoid that in 2016.

The books I read in 2015 were largely books I knew I would enjoy from some of the best authors around. Baby Boy is due soon and I don't want to waste what precious reading time I will have this year with feeling like I need to "keep up with the Jones". So, I picked 'The Merchant's Daughter' :) An older book, a comfortable book, and I can't wait to just relax and read! :))

PS Its my birthday :) But who wants to celebrate getting OLD while hugely pregnant?! Blech

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