Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Introduction to Baby Boy

Hello Blogging world! I have been absent from this space for...about two weeks now?? And if you've followed along at all, you may have guessed why. Baby Boy was finally born! And what a crazy entrance he made. First, a silly hat picture :)

Baby Boy was born January 15th at 2:22 pm at 7 lbs 8 ozs. We worked really, really hard for his arrival, but he wanted to be difficult. I ended up having a c-section to pull this little man out. Along the way, I lost a lot of blood with already low iron levels. An artery and some veins may have been nicked while cutting Baby Boy out. But we both live to tell the tale! <3 <3 

A lot of wonderful, miraculous things happened that day that only God could have arranged. I can see His fingerprints all over the entire event and I pray I never forget that fact. I am incredibly thankful for all the nurses at the hospital and my doctor. They were simply amazing, helpful, and helped me keep a *somewhat* calm and focused mindset. 

My husband was also the bomb dot com. He stood strong by me every step of the way. Even when he was terrified during the operation, Hubby still managed to sing me a hymn to keep me calm. I won't even go into everything he has done since we got home to help support me and the kiddos. Just know you should be insanely jealous :D

Well...enough sappiness :) The recovery road from a c-section is no joke man. Add to that my low iron levels and a sick three year old, it's been exhausting around here. I miss blogging but have been reading through my Feedly and Bloglovin' posts everyday to keep up with everyone in the 'sphere. Although, I do admit to being a bad think of something sane to say at 4:00 am while breastfeeding! 

At the very least I should be back next week with some reviews. See you then??

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