Tuesday, December 15, 2015

15 Christmas Writing Prompts

I'm not an overly busy person. Still even I need to take a pause during the holiday season to relax and take it all in. I scoured Pinterest to find some of the best journalling prompts, a list to help me stop, pause, and soak in the wonder of Christmas. Here is that list of 15 writing prompts just for you this Christmas season. So grab some hot cocoa, turn on the lights and write away!

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Why?

What makes a great holiday movie? Which movies top your list?

Share the story behind one of your ornaments.

Describe winter with all five senses.

List some of the best winter/holiday books you have read, or want to read.

Share the best hot cocoa recipe/holiday drink.

What is on your Christmas bucket list this season?

What is the worst Christmas song ever? What makes it so horrible? Could it be changed?

Finish this sentence in five different ways: "This Christmas I hope..."

Sit by the Christmas tree or lights and free write for ten minutes.

Who are the hardest people on your list to shop for? Who are the easiest?

Does your family do Santa Claus?

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

What is one act of kindness you can do today, or can start doing annually?

Share favorite holiday recipe!

If you share any of your responses online, let me know. Leave a link the comments below :) Merry Christmas! 

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