Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Shoppe from Books and Beverages

Friends I just have to share about a great new shop that just opened THIS WEEK from a fantastic blogger. Jamie is an awesome blogger who is totally smitten with Lewis and Tolkien (who better to fall in love with?!). When I saw she was going to be opening her own shop with bookish items, I knew I had to check it out. The pictures below are Jamie's, because although I took my own they totally suck and don't do the product justice. I'll continue trying and you'll probably see them on my Insta quite often.
Image of The Book Blogger's Planner

First I HAVE to talk about this gorgeous planner! What artwork on the cover. This will be by FAR the cutest blog planner I have ever used. My only negative? It's only six months! I need one that lasts forever. Maybe Jamie could work on a never ending adorable blog planner ;D In all seriousness, I love the size (totally portable), the post checklists, and weekly notes area. It allows me to free flow think which is totally what I need when blog planning. 

See the planner and more inside pictures at The Shoppe HERE.

These postcards are legit. I received the Lewis quote on the top right and the Eldredge quote seen on the bottom right. They are nice, quality printing on a solid cardstock. Well worth the price. I don't think I'll be able to mail mine away! 

I'm totally in love with this ipad covers as well! I have such an old ipad though :/ I can't wait for her to add in some Kindle sizes!! #NEED
Image of iPad Air Cover

For more info check out Jamie's official launch post HERE  and a 'behind the collections' post HERE. Check out Jamie's blog Books and Beverages and The Shoppe. Don't miss out! Be one of the first to brag about your gorgeous blog planner ;D

I received some items from The Shoppe in exchange for promotion. All thoughts, exclamations, and reviews are solely my own. 

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